Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Going with the flow

Whether we are talking smart phones or computer chips, microwaves or navigation systems, solar installations or industrial robots – without electronic devices and systems our modern world would come to a sudden halt. Electrical engineering and information technology (EIT) keep it turning and simplify our lives with forward-looking technologies.
The EIT course prepares students for countless employment opportunities in research, development, production and technical marketing – from communications, automation and medical engineering, via the aerospace industry, through to renewable energy provision. The well-equipped laboratories, motivated professors and best links with industry are what distinguish the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

  • Final qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
  • Duration: 7 semesters (6 theoretical semesters and 1 practical semester)
  • Dual education: academic studies “with advanced work experience” and combined studies are possible. More information on the dual education model

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Course content

Following foundation studies in electrical engineering and information technology the course goes on to offer advanced academic studies with a practical focus in the areas of automation and communications technology. The fields of robotics, data transmission technology and chip development play a central role here.

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Career opportunities

Electrical engineering is one of Germany’s three biggest industrial sectors and offers excellent career prospects for graduates of the course of the same name - far beyond the country's borders. While this field was previously the preserve of men, more and more women can today be found working in electrical engineering fields, sometimes in leading roles.

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Application and admission

  • Course starts: each winter semester
  • Application period: from 1 May to 15 July
  • Application form: online at
  • Admission to the course is not restricted

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General information on applications, admissions and enrolment

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