Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb)

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New vhb Catalogue (Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern – Bavarian Virtual University)

It is on display in the secretariats of the individual faculties, as well as on various information desks (incl. in the Examinations Office). It can be viewed in the Communities, where it is available for you to download.

Catalogue WiSe 2022/23 (PDF file German version)  

All the courses listed in the catalogue are recognized by the Examination Committees of the particular courses at Rosenheim. Refer to the catalogue to find out about course content, induction events, registration periods and credit points.

Was does it mean to study at the Virtual University of Bavaria?

The Bavarian Virtual University (VHB) is not an actual university; rather it offers students at Bavarian universities the opportunity to take virtual courses offered by different Bavarian universities free of charge as a way of pursuing their main interests.

The advantages are:
- courses that are not restricted to a certain place or time (e-learning)
- 20 day trial period for “tasters”
- excellent specialist support from qualified tutors
- opportunity to take courses that are not offered at your own university
- opportunity to gain recognition in Rosenheim for courses (general required elective courses (AWPM), specialist required elective courses (FWPM), required courses) from the VHB course catalogue
- chance to get to know other professors and students

The Virtual University of Bavaria’s course programme for your reference


FAQ on use of vhb courses in Rosenheim: How do I register and/or re-register for a VHB course? Brief instructions for students (PDF file)

How do I register and/or re-register for a VHB course?
Students who wish to take an examination in their selected VHB course must inform the Examinations Office of their registration. To do this, fill in the form "Registration for a required elective module from an external course" (PDF file) and hand it in to the Examinations Office. ING Master have to register for the examination at the "Learning Campus" at "VHB Prüfungsanmeldung / Exam Registration".

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