Bachelor’s degree programme in Computer Science

Travelling round the digital world with new languages

The processing of information using computer programmes plays a central role in today's knowledge society. Smart phones, the Internet, multimedia – technology is developing at a breath-taking pace. Hardware capacity doubles every two years, innovations become increasingly complex.
In order to keep up with these rapid changes, the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Computer Science provides students with a comprehensive grounding in the basics of information technology, relevant software and information interfaces that are currently in demand so that they are able to develop the innovative IT solutions of the future. The academic training offered at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences places great emphasis on its practical focus and the high-quality intensive support and supervision it offers.  

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Duration: 7 semesters (6 theoretical semesters and 1 practical semester)
  • Dual degree programme: academic studies “with advanced work experience” and combined studies are possible

Course content

After learning the basics of practical, theoretical and technical computer science, students (up until SPO 2012) choose one of the following two specialist areas:

  • Software engineering
  • Embedded systems

The process of selecting a specialist area is being replaced by a more flexible, individual module selection system which is better adapted to the job market with the study and examination regulations (SPO) which apply as from October 2018. Forming a course profile is still possible. (Vocational or specialist-oriented module packages offer you assistance in this regard, as they can now be more specifically tailored to meet your needs.)

Link to the course structure

Career opportunities

Computer Science graduates are much sought-after in all sectors. From software development through to management, innumerable areas of employment are open to them. Supported at the start of their careers, not least by the university’s close cooperation with regional industrial companies and business enterprises, they can enjoy many interesting career opportunities.

Application and admission

  • Course starts: each winter semester
  • Admission to the course is not restricted.
  • Language admission restrictions (see SPO)
  • Application period: 1 May to 15 July

General information on applications, admissions and enrolment

Covid-19 Update: Important information for international students

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