Enrolment and Study Start

Studying in Burghausen

Here you can find more information on your enrolment at TH Rosenheim and how to best prepare yourself to make your start of studies as successful and comfortable as possible.

Your Successful Study Start


You will get your official letter of acceptance both via the online application portal and via mail.

You have been admitted to your desired study programme? Congratulations! Now you have to accept your place at TH Rosenheim via the online application portal. You then have to request enrolment.

PLEASE NOTE: The letter of acceptance is sufficient for applying for a visa and for applying for a place in a student residence.

  1. Visa: You can find more information about visa here.
  2. Housing: You can find more information on accommodations here.

Checklist for International Students


In order to be enrolled, you have to request enrolment at TH Rosenheim via the application portal. For the enrolment to be processed, you have to submit

Pre-arrival and first steps in Germany

Log-In Credentials for TH Rosenheim

After enrolment please download your login details for the IT systems of TH Rosenheim. How to get your IT access data as a student:

From now on, please only use the ID and password from this initial access letter.

IT Services TH Rosenheim

Please find here further information on IT services at TH Rosenheim.

IT Services at TH Rosenheim

Online Preparation Courses

OPEN vhb courses are non-curricular, open online courses offered by Bavarian universities. The courses can be used free of charge by anyone interested.

After Your Arrival

Don't forget to pick up your Student Card at the Student Administration and to register / apply for a residence permit at the local authority upon your arrival.

Introduction to German Language and Culture (all levels)

Please find information about German language courses, placement counselling and registration at the Language Center of TH Rosenheim.

Late Arrival

Please be aware that lectures are held in presence at TH Rosenheim.

If you cannot be at TH Rosenheim until the official start of your studies for any reason, download the learning material from the Learning Campus and inform your dean of studies.

Officially, it is possible to continue your studies on site and in presence during the whole semester. However, we strongly recommend that you do not arrive in Germany later than 6 weeks after the start of the semester, otherwise it will be very difficult to catch up.

If you arrive at TH Rosenheim at a later date than your official start of studies, please arrange a counselling appointment with your dean of studies once you are at TH Rosenheim. 

Helpful information - everything for a good start at TH Rosenheim

Here you will find helpful information about your arrival, visa and registration requirements, housing, health insurance and more.

Gruppe von Studierenden im Freien
Helpful information for a good start at TH Rosenheim
Helpful information for a good start at TH Rosenheim

Contacts at TH Rosenheim

Your Contacts at TH Rosenheim