Health Insurance

Well Insured against Illness

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Each student is responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient insurance cover. Please contact your health insurance company in your home country well in advance before you start your studies. After arriving in Germany, please contact a statutory health insurance company. Further information about the health insurance system in Germany is available here.

Important! To enrol at TH Rosenheim, you have to provide proof of health insurance with an electronic report (M10)  by your health insurance company.

If you are insured with a private health insurance, or if you are covered by a health insurance policy in another country, you must request a notice of exemption (in German: "Befreiungsbescheid") from a statutory health insurance company in Germany. This notice of exemption has to be presented before enrolment at TH Rosenheim.

Insurance Cover before Start of Studies

If you have arranged a student health insurance, your insurance will only start at the beginning of the semester! If you arrive in Germany in advance, please book an additional travel health insurance until your health insurance coverage starts.

Suitable insurance packages can purchased affordably on a daily basis, e.g. the combined travel health, personal liability and accident insurance from Dr. Walter Provist tariffs

Medical Contacts

For general symptoms or referral to a specialist, you have to make an appointment with a general doctor first. In emergency cases, please call the emergency numbers.