Application Process

Application - A Brief Overview

In order to help you navigate the application process with ease, we compiled some useful information for you. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Find your degree programme at International Programmes and check the application information and the admission requirements for your preferred programme.
  2. Apply for a VPD at uni-assist with your educational documents. 
  3. Upload all necessary application documents via our online application portal and submit your application until the end of the application period.
  4. Admission: You have received your letter of acceptance? Congratulations! Please note that the letter of acceptance is sufficient for a applying for a visa and for applying for a place in a student residence. 
  5. Enrolment: Upload the documents needed for enrolment

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Find the Right Degree Programme

Application Period

Admission Process

Enrol at TH Rosenheim


Please note that TH Rosenheim does not issue any conditional admissions or pre-approvals for visas, Studienkollegs, or for learning German, neither for prospective Bachelor nor for prospective Master students.