Applying successfully

As an international university applicant please note the following rules and information regarding the admissions process.

Application - A Brief Overview

  1. Find your degree programme at International Programmes and check the admission requirements for your preferred programme.
  2. Apply for a VPD at uni-assist with your educational documents. 
  3. Start your application via our online application portal.
  4. Upload any documents you already have to hand (e.g. the English language certificate and/or the German language certificate).
  5. Upload the remaining documents and submit your application until the end of the application period.

Further information about

Applications, admission and enrolment

Admission requirements

Application period

  • Application to uni-assist:
    starting 1 March (winter semester) / starting 1 September (summer semester)
  • Application at TH Rosenheim for the winter semester:
    1 April - 15 June / 15 July 
    (Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes)
  • Application at TH Rosenheim for the summer semester:
    1 November - 15 December / 15 January
    (only some Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes)

Online application

  • TH Rosenheim Applicants' portal – Follow the link to fill in your online application. Please be aware that it is in your own interest to submit your application as early as possible. You can upload all the documents necessary for your application to the applicants' portal.

Bachelor's Programmes

Master's Programmes

Degree recognition

You are not sure if your degree from an institution outside Germany will be recognized by TH Rosenheim? Learn more on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service.

If your secondary-school degree from another country cannot be recognized, you may complete a discipline-specific qualifi­cation programme at  Studien­kolleg Coburg that will enable you to apply to one of TH Rosenheim Bachelor's programmes.


If you want to apply to TH Rosenheim, you need a valid VPD (preliminary review documentation) from uni-assist. You will need to upload your higher education entrance qualifications/school or university leaving certificates to their application portal. Uni-assist is then going to review your documents if they match the admission requirements for German universities. 

Please make sure to apply for either a Bachelor VPD (for a bachelor's degree programme) or a Master VPD (for a master's degree programme)! You will be able to apply to uni-assist from 1 September (summer semester) and 1 March (winter semester).

  1. Register with uni-assist.
  2. Upload your higher education entrance qualifications/school or university leaving certificates.
  3. Apply to TH Rosenheim with your valid VPD.

Your VPD does not expire. TH Rosenheim will accept VPDs made out for other Bavarian universities or universities of applied sciences in the relevant field of studies. 

German language skills

Anyone wanting to study in Germany needs an adequate knowledge of German. International applicants must complete a language test before enrolling. Learn more about German language tests on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service.

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