SCALE-UP - a space for active teaching and learning

Learning physics & mathematics in the SCALE-UP Room

“From lecture hall to active learning spaces - the SCALE-UP concept” - Lightning Talk at the University: Future Festival 2023

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The Rosenheim SCALE-UP concept was awarded with the “Hochschulperle des Jahres 2022” of the “Stifterverband” for future-oriented learning spaces – the rooms A2.06 and B0.13 at TH Rosenheim – the first of their kind in southern Germany. Thanks to all contributors!


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SCALE-UP - from lecture hall to a space for active teaching and learning


At TH Rosenheim students can learn physics, mathematics and further subjects in two specially designed SCALE-UP rooms (Student Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogy).  Students experience an active learning environment in a studio atmosphere beyond passive listening in classical lecture halls.


In this learning environment students acquire expertise and methodological competencies as well as personal and social skills. Especially the development of future works skills like collaborative working and communication, as well as problem solving and digital skills.

You are learning without realizing it, because learning comes by itself during the discussions

Energy and Building Technology Student 1st semester


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