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00 General
000V001 Instructions for using the interactive videos
(Version date of the videos mostly at the end on the contact foil top right)

03-2 Kinematics
032V001 Exercise task "Dangerous Trabi ride"
032V002 Exercise task "Overtaking process (cyclist, car)"

03-3 Dynamics
033V001 Learning video "Forces and free cutting" (V3) with study assignment

03-4 Work and energy
034V001 Learning video "Balancing Work and Energy" (V3) with study assignment
034V002 Exercise examples "Balancing work and energy" (V2) from ch. 6+7

03-5 Impulse
035V001 Exercise "Accident" (V2) [with-UT*]

06 Oscillations
066V001 Experiment video "Vibrations, Resonance, Acoustic Absorber"

07 Fluids (Statics)
073V001 Exercise task "Manometer" (V2) [with-UT*]

08 Fluids (Dynamics)
085V001 Learning video "Laminar pipe flow: Hagen-Poiseuille law"

10 Kinetic Theory of Gas
102V001 Exercise "Quax the Fracture Pilot"

12 Heat utilization
122V001 Tutorial video "Carnot cycle"
123V001 Exercise "Refrigerator WI-Inc"

13 Changes of state of matter
133V001 Learning video "Latent Heat"
135V001 Exercise "Carry out glass process" (V2) [with-UT*]
135V002 Learning video "Steam (pressure)"
136V001 Learning video "Reading phase diagrams" (V2)
136V002 Exercise "Phase diagram" (V2)

14 Heat transport
140V002 Learning video "Heat flow: steady vs. unsteady"
141V001 Learning video "Heat conduction & general heat transport"
142V001 Learning video "Convection"
143V001 Learning video "Radiation"
144V001 Learning video "Heat transfer"

18 Waves
181V001 Exercise "Sound waves" (V3)

*UT=with subtitles

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