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Sustainability and climate protection

Climate protection and universities

Successful climate protection is a task for society as a whole that can only be achieved together. In order to limit global warming and meet the climate targets set by the German government and the Bavarian state government, everyone, including universities, must play their part. Universities are, on the one hand, public institutions with a special responsibility for the education and training of students and, on the other hand, innovation laboratories in which tomorrow's lifestyles are already being researched and tested today. Successful climate protection management at universities therefore has an impact on society, has a lasting influence on future lifestyles, and also helps universities to improve their energy and climate footprint.


Contents of the climate protection concept

Task of the climate protection manager

A climate protection concept is being developed for Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences with the involvement of its locations in Rosenheim, Burghausen and Mühldorf and the teaching staff, employees and students. The aim is to support Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences in its climate protection efforts to date, to define new climate protection goals and strategies, and thus to improve the greenhouse gas balance of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. In this way, the concerns of climate protection are to be integrated into all areas of the university and the topic implemented sustainably in the university's actions.