Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Information Systems

Hitting the right balance between two worlds

Developing application systems, simplifying processes, managing information, revolutionising company structures – business information systems are the interface between business tasks and the new information technologies used to make these tasks more efficient.

The Faculty of Computer Science at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences places great emphasis on designing the course in an interdisciplinary manner and adding key skills to this, like the ability to work in a team and act as a mediator as well as training in analytical thinking and responsible action. Alongside the individual support and supervision provided by professors, students benefit from the close links with the many companies involved with the course through practical projects, work experience and excursions.

  • Final qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Duration: 7 semesters (6 theoretical semesters and 1 practical semester)
  • Dual education: academic studies “with advanced work experience” and combined studies are possible

Course content

The course focuses on the design, development, introduction, use and maintenance of business application systems. In addition to the foundations in the two disciplines of business administration and computer sciences, students also gain interdisciplinary and social skills that prepare them for management roles and business activities.

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Career opportunities

As information technology now permeates nearly every field of business, business information systems play a very important and central role in companies and administration. Graduates have access to an extensive and attractive array of roles, both in starting out and in moving up in their careers, in the broadest range of companies and sectors.

Application and admission

  • Course starts: each winter semester
  • Application form: online at
  • Admission to the course is not restricted.

General information on applications, admissions and enrolment

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