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The ROCkET makes ideas fly!

Stephanie Kapitza und Sarah Baumann Founders of ROCkET ROCkET Gründerinnen Sarah Baumann und Stephanie Kapitza

The ROCkET. The startup forge at the TH Rosenheim.


was launched in 2020 by the two founders Stephanie Kapitza and Sarah Baumann with the support of the funding program "EXIST - Potentials of the BMWi" to particularly stimulate and strengthen the start-up culture at TH Rosenheim.
Through a broad range of services in the areas of idea and innovation development, networking, self-employment and business start-up, students, employees, alumni, researchers and start-up teams with at least one university member are to be motivated and empowered to think and act entrepreneurially - from the first idea test through further development to successful start-up.
In doing so, the ROCkET works closely with the ROLIP, Rosenheim Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Projects.


Our range of services:


Our ROCkET film shows you briefly and concisely what we (can) do for you.



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