Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions

Registration period for your contribution both abstracts and papers:  
1 November 2023 - 15 January 2024.  Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and be set online after acceptance. 

Full papers are optional and will also be peer-reviewed. They will be published online in the conference proceedings.

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Possible areas of your contribution:

• SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), i.e. research of your own teaching

• Influence of pandemic on teaching and learning (e.g. valuable online formats, helpful hybrid formats)

• Articifical intelligence in learning and teaching (e.g. Learning Analytics)

• Innovative concepts for labs in physics and engineering (e.g. online labs,  simulations)

• Others

PTEE 2024 Session formats

Being dedicated to student-centered teaching and learning, we’d also like to foster an active conference environment. Therefore we would like to strongly encourage you as a contributor to actively engage the participants in your session.

Similar to PTEE 2019 and 2022 we offer different 18 minute formats that all contain activating elements, as well as posters and workshops. The PTEE-conference will be held in one of our SCALE-UP rooms. The arrangement of round tables in this room facilitates discussions in small groups as well as hands-on activities. The room is equipped with seven round tables, each table seats six to seven people, analog whiteboards for collaboration, clicker system and projection in several directions of the room.

The following formats about full papers or work-in-progress are possible for your contribution

Submission of Contributions

Submit your contribution by filling in this form by 15 January 2024

Information for authors

The papers will be available on the conference via the publication server OPUS. Your paper will be published under license CC-BY 4.0.

+ Publication Template

+ Publication Contract (English version, German version)

Please send both documents (your paper and contract signed by all authors) per mail to

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