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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Master Summer School on Future Challenges in Engineering and its respective classes – referred to as programme – are organised and hosted by faculties and departments of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Management and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction, International Office) – referred to as organisers. With their application, registration and participation all students – referred to as participants – agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


Data processing and Communication

The participants' data will be reviewed by the respective organisers and data will be processed and passed on by the organisers for the purpose of application, registration, preparation, participation and evaluation of the programme. This also includes third-party services. With their application, participants agree to the Privacy Policy of the organisers and the terms of service of third-party services. Further information on the acceptance or refusal of the application and the further organisation of participation will be communicated via the e-mail address provided in the application form. Participants agree that their personal data (e.g. name, birthday, nationality, gender) may be passed on to third-parties such as insurance providers, hotels or host companies, in order to provide their services during the programme. Participants agree that their personal data (e.g. name, nationality, currents studies) may be used and shared on participation lists during the programme.


Application and Requirements for the Programme

Participants need to provide a current proof of studies (enrolment) at the time of their application for the programme. Participants must complete the application form truthfully. Participants apply by 1 May 2024 (partner universities) or 1 June 2024 (non-partner universities) by sending a full application by e-mail to the organisers. Dates and deadlines communicated on the website and advised in writing are binding. Advanced English skills (B2 CEFR) are recommended to take part in the programme. Cf. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: The CEFR Levels ( The application itself does not entitle the participant to a place on the programme. Only complete applications will be further processed.


Participation Fee / Service Package

Prices and options depend on the individual applicant's home university status. Please refer to the respective application form.

Components are subject to change. In case a component cannot be fulfilled, the organiser will make reasonable efforts to find an appropriate alternative service.


Billing, Payment and Registration

After successful application, participants will receive an invoice and registration letter including payment details for their programme by e-mail. Payment must be received by the organisers within two weeks after issue of the invoice and registration letter, the latest date for receipt of payment being 7 June 2024 in any case. A final registration for the programme is not completed until the full payment is made. Participants need to pay within the outlined time frame in order to receive a place in the programme. If a participant does not pay on time, the organisers may withdraw their offer. The final registration is binding, and participants will receive an invitation letter by the organiser by e-mail.


Entering Germany and Travelling to Rosenheim / Visa Regulations for Germany

The organisers ask international participants to keep themselves informed about entry requirements at an early stage and on an ongoing basis. Participants are advised to check the Visa regulations by the Federal Foreign Office. If necessary, the invitation letter may be used to apply for a visa to enter Schengen area or Germany.

Participants are responsible for organising their travel to and from Rosenheim, Germany, before and after the programme. The organisers advise adequate planning and preparation: travel cancellation insurance and reimbursable airline/ public transport tickets. Participants inform themselves about necessary entry permits and processes of transit. The Federal Foreign Office of Germany provides practical resources for planning.

Participants are responsible for valid identification documents, checking visa and customs regulations and proof of sufficient financial resources for travelling and staying abroad.


Award of Credits / Validation of Programme

If accepted to the programme, the award of credits and certification are based on attendance of mandatory contract hours, active participation and successful examination. Details are outlined in the course description. Class contents and programme schedule are subject to change. For the recognition of the rewarded credits of the programme, participants will consult their academic advisor to receive credit transfer approval before applying.


Cancellation Policy / Refund Policy

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the programme in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the organisers will refund the paid participation fee to the participant's bank account. Bank transfer charges are at the expense of the participant. After cancellation, the organisers are not accountable for personal expenses already made by the participants, e.g. for visa application or transport.

In reasonable cases, participants may also cancel their participation. A cancellation must be made by e-mail to before 1 June 2024, so that a refund is possible. A fee for administrative expenses of 50 EUR will be charged and held back from the refund. Bank transfer charges are at the expense of the participant. After 1 June 2024, the participation fee / service package will not be refunded in any case.


Costs and Liability Disclaimer

Attending the programme does not imply any compensation claims against the organisers and Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. During some social activities basic catering will be provided for the participants. Participants are responsible for their personal expenses for meals, groceries and everyday life during the programme. Participants take care for financial provision for their stay in Germany during the programme. The organisers will support participants to find shopping facilities near their accommodation and near campus. For online sessions, participants are responsible for their own expenses for hard- and software and need to take care of a working internet connection.


Release Declaration / Transfer of Rights

To Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences for photo and/or video and/or audio recordings (in consent according to Section 22 of the German law on copyright for works of art and photography (KunstUrhG)

Participants transfer the rights to Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, Hochschulstrasse 1, 83024 Rosenheim, for the photo/video/audio recordings of them made during the Summer School programme and grant the University Communications department at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences permission to use this footage in unchanged or modified form (processed by third parties) for media and purposes specified below.

Participants waive the rights to identification and compensation. All other rights to the images, including all copyrights and other commercial property rights which relate to the photo/video and audio material remain with the copyright owner. The footage will be used for Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences’ representative purposes as well as for individual degree programmes. In this sense, the footage will be used for advertising purposes, especially in the context of virtual orientation to university studies, both in print and online (advertisements, advertorials, posters, banners, flyers, radio), on the website, for publications (brochures, community publications, newspapers, research reports, newsletters), for online courses (such as MOOC, VHB) and the social media channels of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube). In addition, the footage can also be shown at university fairs or public presentations of the university, both online or in presence.

The consent may be revoked at any time at the University Communications department ( Insofar as the declaration of consent is not revoked, it remains valid indefinitely. Participants consent to the use of the sound and image material.

Disclaimer: The university accepts no liability for property damages or personal injuries that occur during or as a result of the photo shoot/video shoot/audio recording. This excludes intentional and grossly negligent conduct.

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