Plastics Engineering / Sustainable Polymer Engineering

This programme is avalaible as a specialisation of the Bachelor's degree programme International Bachelor of Engineering.

Career Opportunities

Due to the wide variety of possible uses of the material, graduates of Plastics Engineering and Sustainable Polymer Engineering enjoy attractive career opportunities in numerous sectors and areas of material development, plastics processing and product development.

Learning Contents

Whether it’s computer housing, aircraft tail units, high-precision medical engineering components or microelectronics parts – plastics have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They simplify our lives in completely different ways and are full of innovative potential.
The Plastics Engineering specialisation goes beyond the bounds of the material itself to consider efficient construction methods, continuous research and further development in this field. From sustainable polymers and environmentally-friendly plastics though to the optimisation of processing equipment, plastics engineering is shaping our future.

Module Plan Plastics Engineering / Sustainable Polymer Engineering

The following module plan provides you with an overview of the modules in the IBE specialisation in Plastics Engineering / Sustainable Polymer Engineering, including work experience units and information on credit points (click to enlarge).

Module Plan Plastics Engineering / Sustainable Polymer Engineering

Module Handbook

Preliminary Curriculum and Module Handbook for the IBE specialisation Plastics Engineering / Sustainable Polymer Engineering

Module Descriptions

FWPM modules

FWPM modules are specialist required elective courses offered during the later semesters. Students can choose from a portfolio of courses to personalise their engineering profile with interdisciplinary skills and gain specialist knowledge and methods of their discipline. A selection of courses is announced by the faculty in advance for each semester.

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