Application, allocation of study places and enrollment


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  • What is the applicant number?

    After you have registered in the online application portal you will be allocated a 6-digit applicant number. Please have this number ready when making enquiries about your application. The applicant number must also be given when submitting any subsequent application documents.

  • What is the right way to apply for the first semester?

    An application for the first semester takes place via the online application portal. You need to register first before an application can be submitted.The application documents will only be uploaded online. The university reserves the right to verify the original documents.

    Applications by e-mail or fax are not valid. We recommend that you apply as early as possible.

  • How do I apply correctly for the first semester?

    Application is possible via the online application portal after successful registration and login. As soon as the application has been completed, a PDF file named "Application" is generated. 

    For all bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission, applicants must register in advance via

    Applications by e-mail or fax are not valid. We recommend that you complete and submit your application as early as possible.

  • What are the BID (applicant ID) and BAN (authentication number)?

    Only required for the Bachelor’s degree programmes.

    Link to

  • Can I apply for multiple degree programmes?

    You can apply for as many degree programmes as you like in the online application portal.

  • What must be considered when submitting foreign certificates?

    If the higher education entrance qualification was NOT acquired at a German educational institution), a "uni-assist" pre-examination documentation is required.

    Link to uni-assist:


  • I forgot to upload a picture during the online registration. What should I do now?

    As long as your application still has the status 'Enrolment applied for', you can upload the picture using the button 'Edit registration data' at any time.
    If your status has already changed, then please e-mail your picture to Student Administration ( with the required dimensions (max. 600x800 pixels, ratio 3:4).


  • Who can answer my questions about the dialog-oriented service procedure?

    For questions regarding the dialog-oriented service procedure please contact Hochschulstart ( oder service* Please remove this text *

Processing of applicaton

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  • What does my applicant status mean?

    In preparation:  The application has not yet been fully completed by the applicant.

    Online Submitted:  The application has been submitted online. 

    Valid:  The application is complete and ready for consideration in the allocation process/eligibility process. A decision on admission is only issued after the allocation process/eligibility process is finished.

    Provisionally excluded: The application is temporarily excluded from the eligibility process. There are still missing documents for approval. The time limits please refer to the leaflet.

    Admission offer on hand:  Congratulations! You have been allocated a place at the university.

    Admission offer currently:  Unfortunately you cannot be allocated a place at the university at the  moment. You will be notified of the reason in writing.

    Place returned: You have returned the allocated study place via the online application portal, and are therefore leaving the current application and enrolment process. Your application will not be processed any further.

    … withdrawn: You have withdrawn your application via the online application portal, and are therefore leaving the current application and enrolment process. Your application will not be processed any further.

    Enrollment applied for:  You have accepted the university place. Please check in the online application portal whether any further documents are required for final enrollment. You will receive a paper notice; you can also download it in digital form from the applicant portal.

    Enrollment processed:  All documents for enrollment have been received. You are now “enrolled in your chosen degree programme”.

    Status notifications, only valid for degree programmes through the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) provided by

    Notification of admission: You have accepted the offer of admission via the online portal at, or the DoSV system has automatically determined admission in coordination phase.

    Notification of refusal: You could not be allocated a place in this degree programme after the end of coordination phase.

    Notification of withdrawal: You have accepted a different offer of admission, a higher-prioritised offer of admission is available in coordination phase, or you have requested a deferment for a different degree programme. You are thus no longer a participant in the service procedure for the degree programme you applied for.

    Notification of exclusion: You did not submit all the documents required for your application in full and on time, and have therefore been irrevocably excluded from the current service procedure for tthe degree programme you applied for.

    Notification of deferment: You have applied for deferment based on (military/civilian) service to be performed, and are unable to take up the place at university that you applied for.

    Withdrawn: You have withdrawn your application, for which a study place has not yet been allocated, and you will therefore no longer participate in the allocation process. In addition, your application will be given the status "withdrawn" if you decide to withdraw from the process.

  • My application has not been processed yet. What now?

    We always try to process your application as quickly as possible.
    In our experience, the majority of the applications arrive towards the end of the deadline. It can therefore take some time to process the large number of applications.

    Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that all your application documents are submitted by the deadline. When posting your application, it is advisable to use registered post.

  • How can I see if documents are missing from my application?

    As soon as your application has been processed, any missing documents will be listed on the  “start page” tab in the online application portal of the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim . It's important that you look at the relevant information sheet for deadlines to submit these documents.

  • How can I make a hardship case application?

    Applications for cases of hardship are only relevant to degree programmes with restricted admission.
    A case of hardship exists when the applicant is personally affected by social or family circumstances which urgently require that they commence their studies immediately; i.e. when their personal situation means that delaying their studies – even just for one semester – would be unfair/ unreasonable (e.g. because of illness).

    Hardship case applications must be submitted to Student Administration in full by 15 August for the winter semester. The hardship case application consists of an informal digital application as well as the relevant supporting documents and/or medical evidence. Cases of hardship are subject to very strict requirements.

  • How is the waiting period calculated?

    The waiting period includes all the semesters between obtaining a higher education entrance qualification and commencing studies at a German university. Periods spent studying at a German university are detrimental to the waiting period, i.e. these periods do not count towards the total waiting period. In addition, only full semesters can be taken into account.

    The waiting period is calculated automatically and does not have to be additionally applied for.
    Waiting period semesters do not improve your average grades!

  • When can I improve my grades and/or waiting period?

    Applications to improve your grades and/or waiting period are only relevant for Bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission.

    This special application offers you the opportunity to explain the circumstances that prevented you from gaining better grades and/or achieving your higher education entrance qualification sooner.
    In order to improve your grades and/or waiting period, please submit a school report from the school where you gained your higher education entrance qualification to Student Administration no later than 15 August.

    Where applicable, a medical certificate may be required.

  • When can I apply for preferential admission?

    An application for preferential admission can be made if you have already been granted admission to the same degree programme the previous year, but were unable to take up the university place due to national service (e.g. military or civil service, or a voluntary social or ecological year) or due to starting work as part of a combined study/vocational training programme.
    In such a case, please submit a copy of your letter of acceptance from the previous year (as well as proof of your activities, where required) to Student Administration by 15 August.

  • How can I secure a place at university for next year for my combined study/vocational training programme?

    Generally speaking, vocational training starts one year before commencing studies.
    In order to plan safely, we therefore recommend that you already apply to the university one year before commencing your studies.

    Please include the training agreement and supplementary agreement for the combined study/ vocational training programme as part of your application to Student Administration by 15 August. If you are allocated a university place, please do NOT commence your studies this semester. Please register and apply again next year and submit an application for preferential admission. Include your previous letter of acceptance as proof. As such, you will not be part of the regular admissions process, but will be treated preferentially. Your university place is safe!

  • How do I find out if a move-forward process will take place?

    If you were not allocated a place in a restricted admission degree programme, you will automatically be included in the move-forward process.
    This takes place if full capacity is not reached in a degree programme with restricted admission. If you are not notified in writing within approximately 6 weeks after the start of the semester, you can assume that the process is concluded.

  • I have already completed the required aptitude test / aptitude assessment procedure in a previous application process. Do I need to do it again?

    This depends on the degree program. In any case, please attach your application to the notification from the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim about the examination you have already passed. The study office informs you if a renewed participation is necessary.

Result of application

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  • How will I be informed of the result of my application?

    You can see the result in the online application portal. You will be notified by e-mail immediately if your status changes. You will also receive written notification several days later by post.

  • When must I accept the university place by?

    As a rule, application for enrolment via the University of Rosenheim’s applicants’ portal must take place no later than 31 August (navigation button "apply for enrolment"). However, it is essential that you adhere to the instructions in the letter of acceptance and the applicants’ portal, and the deadlines contained in them.

Only for Master's degree programmes

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  • What should I do if my Bachelor's degree is not yet completed by the start of my Master's degree?

    This regulation does not apply to courses in the local selection process.

    Admission to the Master's degree programme cannot yet take place. On the day of enrollment, you will receive provisional guest registration from Student Administration. You will be notified of the date and place of enrollment in writing by Student Administration.

    The Bachelor's degree must be completed no later than the first examination date in the Master's degree programme. Completed means that the final overall examination result must be submitted to the Examinations Office.
    Enrollment cannot take place otherwise.

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