Information on applying for a professorship

Information on applying for a professorship

Please provide documentation for all periods since graduation from university without any gaps and with dates specified precisely to the day. If there is no proof available for any particular period, we ask you to provide a written declaration about the scope of your professional activity.

The following documents must be submitted:

1. Tabular curriculum vitae with times specified precisely to the day (the previous academic, professional and scientific career should be listed chronologically and without gaps, university studies must be clearly visible)

2. Proof of educational qualifications*:

3. Proof of all professional activities after graduation from university (the individual jobs must be specified and documented precisely in terms of time and content*).

4. Copy of your birth certificate

Checklist for the documents to be submitted for the application (see attached Word document)

* for the application to the university, copies of the above-mentioned documents are sufficient. If you are chosen as the number 1 candidate on the list of three, you will be asked to submit all the original documents to the HR department.