Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Mathematics – Actuarial Sciences

Career profile of a business mathematician (actuary)

  • Actuaries are academically trained and specially certified experts who use mathematical methods of probability theory, statistics and financial mathematics to analyse problems and develop solutions in the areas of insurance, capital investments and pensions.
  • They are awarded the title of Actuary and Member of the German Association of Actuaries (Actuar DAV) on passing special examinations, similar to those taken by accountants and tax advisers.
  • The German Association of Actuaries (Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung – DAV) is the professional association of actuaries in Germany.
  • Business mathematicians and, in particular, actuaries are employed in a wide range of fields: tariff ratings, reservations, pensions, controlling, finances, and many diverse IT projects, to name but a few.
  • We are not talking about a few specialist areas. 

Demand for mathematicians

  • There is a very high demand for actuaries in industry. Many companies are advertising for a number of these positions.
  • More business mathematicians (actuaries) are needed, among other personnel, to assist with the economic development of the companies.
  • Graduates of Business Mathematics with a focus on Actuarial Sciences will easily find employment, as they are ideally equipped with expertise that is recognised in their actuarial training.
  • Even the world of politics has declared its need for actuaries, said German Research Minister Schavan in an interview in the German Association of Actuaries publication Aktuar Aktuell (No. 8/2008):
    By 2020: there will be an extra 95,000 positions for mathematicians and computer scientists

The course

  • Compared with other purely academic universities the course we offer
    • is focused on vocational application and company requirements
    • is well positioned in terms of languages and professional skills
    • has a practical connection: a practical semester as an intern at a company and lecturers with practical experience

  • These areas of focus make this course unique in Germany
  • Final qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Duration: 7 semesters (6 theoretical semesters and 1 practical semester)
  • Dual education with advanced work experience is possible.
    More information on this study model
  • The course includes
    • Mathematical subjects
    • Computer science
    • Actuarial sciences and statistics
    • Professional subjects
    • Economics

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  • Very good contacts with industry and the German Association of Actuaries (DAV)
    Entry into the DAV
    • Admission requirements for training to become an Actuary and Member of the German Association of Actuaries (Actuar DAV) are met on completion of this degree.    
    • Five out of six basic knowledge examinations required by the DAV are looking to be recognised by the DAV. 
    • Experienced lecturers from the professional world 

Application and admission

General information on applications, admissions and enrolment at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

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