University elections

Come and vote!

University elections 2019

University elections will be held at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences this year, too. On 05 and 06 June 2019 you can use your vote to decide the composition of the student committees and, by doing so, help determine the direction of the university policy at your university!

Why should you vote?

In addition to you, there are currently around 6,000 students registered at our Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. Together we form the student community (Studierendenschaft). Many decisions at our university are made in self-governing bodies. These ensure that examination regulations, among other things, are compliant, they hold discussions with the student union (Studentenwerk), negotiate various matters with University Management, and exert an active influence on how our university is shaped through various committees. The elected representatives represent your interests to the university, regional government and public and so award great significance to the student community's affairs! In order to do this, the committees have to be elected by you!

Who can vote?

In general, every registered student at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences can vote. There are some restrictions, however, e.g. for the faculty councils.

You can find out exactly who can vote for what in the following document:

Document to follow

What can you vote for?

  • You vote for your student representatives in the University Senate and the University Council (2 in total)
  • You vote for your representatives in your faculty's faculty council (2 male and 2 female)
  • You vote for other representatives in the student Convention (16)

These three groups together form our Student Parliament and decide on important issues relating to the student community.

Find out what these people and committees do on this webpage.


How do you vote?

With your student identification card, you register as an eligible voter with the election assistants in the foyer. You then receive your election documents separately.

In the voting booth you can put different numbers of crosses on each ballot paper:

  • University Senate: Here you have two votes. You can vote directly for one person (both votes) or two people from the same nomination.
  • Faculty Council: Here you have two votes. You can vote directly for one person (both votes) or two people from the same nomination.
    • Student Convention: Here you have 16 votes. You can cast up to three votes for one person. You should make up 16 votes in total.

You are not at university on the day of the election? Simply apply for a postal vote as an individual or group. The required documents in german Language can be found here


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