The SensLab has existed since 2011 as an experimental platform for sound and atmosphere in the context of interior architecture, architecture and design. Through FWPM, students have the opportunity to experiment with mainly electro-acoustic media in changing assignments and to get to know and use the handling and possibilities of new media techniques.

The main focus of the lab is the electro-acoustic design of spaces and places with the help of noises and sounds. For this purpose, the lab is equipped with a constantly growing range of digital recording technology, sound editing, sound synthesis, amplifiers, loudspeakers, sensors and actuators for the interactive control of installations.

Different spatial effects can be tried out in the lab using digital sound effects. Concrete applications such as sound design for exhibition stands or catering establishments can be simulated in the lab and work can be done on the content of the sound information, the sound design. In addition to the technical possibilities and requirements for the application of electro-acoustic media, the conception and quality of the auditory information presented plays a decisive role.

Building E -1.09
Laboratory management Prof. Gabriel Weber

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