The laboratory is available to students both for in-depth study of lecture content and for developing their own designs, thereby making an important contribution to thinking and planning in a cultural-historical context.

The starting point is a steadily growing collection of selected furniture designs (with a focus on chairs), which is available to students for their own ergonomic studies and whose exhibits support the lectures. The laboratory has both a mobile display system for the exhibits and a number of computer-supported workstations that are the contact point and starting point for research.

Technical archive / documentation
As part of an elective subject, students develop detailed portraits of individual exhibits through product analysis, which are then catalogued in an archive in the form of a digital profile.

Digital database
In a special database, students have access to the digital design library within the university and can obtain specific information about individual designs or delve into lecture content (teaching as an interactive network).

Building E -1.12
Laboratory management Prof. Rainer Haegele

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