The MIXstudio laboratory space, the MIXatelier workspace and the various projects, lectures and workshops held here are designed to create and nurture an integrated culture of community engaged in research and learning within the university in general and the IAD faculty in particular.

Building B -1.05
Laboratory management Prof. Linn Song, Prof. Karin Sander, LfbA Wolfgang Jäger


Founded in 2008 by Professor Linn Song, MIXstudio seeks to take a holistic view of many facets of design and to use social engagement as a pedagogical-didactic resource (so-called ‘service learning’). He tries to look at (interior) architecture through a lens that sees design not as a formal exercise in form and beauty, but as a process of creation centred on human needs - practical, emotional, ephemeral. What matters is not ‘how things look’ but ‘what things do (for us)’.

While their research interests and thus agendas within the MIXstudio are diverse, Professors Sander and Song share the belief that the core of education is not in teaching/learning the technical/practical knowledge one ‘needs’ to get a job, but rather in critical and conceptual thinking that goes beyond practical knowledge, partly due to the fact that technological standards and practices are constantly changing - and also in the belief that the theoretical is the enabler of innovation, invention and transformation.

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