To call immaterial light a building material is only a contradiction at first glance. Without light in its manifold manifestations, neither objects nor the spaces surrounding them can be perceived. Only light makes it possible to perform visual tasks, to grasp objects and spaces or simply to put things in the ‘right light’ and thus to stage them.

The light workshop offers students a variety of opportunities to train their own visual perception. Another important aspect is the opportunity to carry out individual experiments with light on their own projects with corresponding models. This gives students a direct practical reference to lamps, luminaires, lighting control components and bus systems. This makes them attractive applicants for jobs in the lighting industry - as trainees, accompanying their studies or as employees after graduation.

Building B  -1.10
Laboratory management Prof. Mathias Wambsganß


WiSe 2018/2019
Due to my half practical and research semester, there are slightly fewer lectures in the Lichtwerkstatt (LWS) this semester. In addition to the exercises for the compulsory lecture on lighting technology for INN3, Wolf Silveri's FWPM "Photography" will be a guest. To ensure that the LWS is still available for individual use, Anna Bochnia is once again on board this semester as a helpful student spirit. Simon Budweth also provides opening hours during his presence in his EDP-Admin office in the LWS.

SuSe 2018
The lighting workshop is once again in good student hands with Anna Bochnia and Maximilan Hohmann. The opening hours are posted and individual appointments can be made. This semester, we will be purchasing new LED-based projectors for the fibre optic cables in the models and we will be delving into the topic of wireless lighting control, which goes beyond what Philips hue offers. As an example, we will make the new lighting in the dean's office and secretariat "controllable" in this way. That's the plan - we're looking forward to it. 

WiSe 2017/2018
With Julia Rader, the lighting workshop once again has a student as a student assistant in the lighting workshop. Since Mathias Schmidt will now be taking care of the subject of structural engineering on a full-time basis following the retirement of Prof. Dr. Franz Mayer (end of October 2017), he is unfortunately no longer available to the Light Workshop (and thus to you and me). I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his many years of dedicated support for the subject of light in teaching and in the operation of the LWS. However, this also means that I have to see how "LWS life" can be organised without him in the future. I am confident, however, that we will continue to manage.

SuSe 2017
INN 4 - and with it a lot of presence in the Lichtwerkstatt. The Light Workshop team may be strengthened by another student. Let's see if the dean can find the money! Otherwise, the search is on for a suitable date for a small "re-commissioning party". We'll be in touch ...

WiSe 2016/2017
For the first time, the lighting workshop has a 3rd semester student as a HiWi in the form of Maximilian Hohmann. You simply can't miss out on a trained event technician! As we had feared, programming the KNX components in the lighting workshop proved to be very difficult and complicated. Some of the hardware in the control cabinet even had to be changed in order to be able to address all the luminaires. As always, the devil is in the detail! Nevertheless, the teaching took place as usual - even if one or the other cherished function was missing or could only be operated in a rather "rustic" way. Thanks to the energetic support of Andreas Embacher from the central technology department at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, however, we managed to achieve a quite passable state in the last few days before the start of the 2017 summer semester. One could even think about a small party for the "reopening" ...

SuSe 2016
The planning of the conversion has been largely completed. Now the procurement of the luminaires and the necessary materials is underway. In order not to disrupt the running of the summer semester, Mathias Schmidt, the two lighting workshop "Hiwis" Conny Mooosmang and Johanns Greithanner and I agreed to carry out the renovation during the lecture-free period. For lack of money, we all lend a hand ourselves! After three intensive weeks with one or two night shifts, the hardware conversion is done. Now "only" the programming remains to be done quickly in winter semester 2016/2017.

WiSe 2015/2016
Now that the subject of event lighting, which started before the semester actually began, has been successfully completed (mehr Infos) the lighting workshop is tidy and ready for teaching. The LWS team has been strengthened again for this semester. Johannes Greithanner is responsible for supporting teaching in the lighting workshop, while Conny Moosmang is thinking about how the outdated sample ceiling can be re-equipped. If you have your own ideas, please contact Conny Moosmang, Mathias Schmidt or me!

SuSe 2015
The LWS is expecting INN4 and all other students who are interested in light. Michael Schedler (INN8) is once again on board as student support and perhaps we will also get female reinforcement.

WiSe 2014/2015
The LWS is in good shape so far and is available. We have again found money for at least one student employee this semester and are happy to have Michael Schedler (I7) on board again. 

SuSe 2014
The LWS is fully available! There is nothing new due to lack of funding, but we will keep it running as best we can. Fortunately, there are still funds available from my research projects to support the work in the LWS with two student employees. This semester, they are again Konstantin Klaas (I8) and newcomer Michael Schedler (I6).

WiSe 2013/2014
The LWS is available in its entirety! There is little new light, but new measurement technology. We can now also record and evaluate temporally resolved brightness curves. Apart from that, we will probably be supported by two student assistants this semester! In addition to Hannah Hölzl, we will probably get male reinforcement in the next few weeks!

SuSe 2013
The LWS is in operation and we have been able to acquire some new equipment for teaching in the area of lighting technology for the stage. Mathias Schmidt and I are happy to arrange appointments beyond the scheduled teaching to enable you to use it. In addition, qualified student support is available again this semester in the form of Hanna Hölzl. 

WiSe 2012/2013
The LWS is there for them. I'm in a research semester, but Mathias Schmidt, with the support of two student assistants, will make sure there are enough opening hours. Good projects and good luck.

SuSe 2012
The LWS is at the start! Mathias Schmidt and I will be happy to arrange appointments with you to enable you to use it. What's more, there is student help at the start again this semester. So don't hesitate - ask!!!

WiSe 2011/2012
This semester, we will again make as many LWS opening hours as possible possible with student support. If needed, please contact us directly and make appointments. The student position is still open! As we still have some building work to do, we would very much welcome a student with a background in handicrafts. More under vacancies!

SuSe 2011
Thanks to the support of Sabine Kürner and Mathias Schmidt, the Light Workshop now has extended opening hours for the accompanying seminars. We ask you to make active use of them. The most up-to-date list is posted at the LWS. In the course of the semester, the last construction site will finally be completed. The lamp wall is taking shape and is nearing completion.

WiSe 2010/2011
With the support of Mathias Schmidt and Sebatian Mortimer, the LWS is now running smoothly again. If you are interested in more than just the lectures and exercises, just get in touch with one of the three of us.

SuSe 2010
Unfortunately, there will be some restrictions on the opening hours of the Light Workshop. Due to the illness of Mr. Andersch and the large teaching load that Mathias Schmidt is taking over as Prof. Mayer's substitute, this is unfortunately unavoidable. To a certain extent, we have tutors and student assistants on duty. Please contact Mathias Schmidt or me if you need the light workshop!

August 2009
A great article about the Lichtwerkstatt was published in the magazine Licht. Thankfully, the publisher has also made the article available for download as a PDF. You can download it from the right-hand side of this window.

18. March 2009
Representatives from the university and industry attended the opening of the lighting workshop with great interest. Immediately afterwards, the first teaching event took place in the seminar area of the LWS.

1. April 2009
Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Schmidt MA has taken up his work at the university as a lecturer for special tasks and as a research assistant and is jointly responsible for the further development and operation of the LWS. In the near future, there are still some purchases and installations to be made - we will report on them here. Until then, some pictures of the LWS and the opening are available here.


In 2006, during his appointment interview, Professor Mathias Wambsganß convinced the university management and the Faculty of Interior Design, as well as partners from the lamp and luminaire industry, of his idea to set up a lighting workshop. The lighting workshop gives students of lighting technology and lighting design practical access to the subject of light in addition to their lectures. The planning of the lighting workshop began in the summer semester of 2007 with an internal faculty student competition, the winning project of which served as the basis for the work and detailed planning. The motto of the competition was "by students for students". With the help of the Rosenheim State Building Authority and thanks to considerable self-direction on the part of the university, construction began in early 2008.

In 2009, the building was commissioned and ceremoniously handed over. Since then, all exercises on lighting planning and design have taken place in the newly created seminar area. The lighting workshop continues to develop. For example, the stage lighting area with the corresponding equipment was added in 2012.

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