Wood workshop

Creative design processes are difficult to steer and require careful guidance on the way to valid form or materiality. How ideas can be transferred to a material can best be taught in the faculty's own workshops, which have been equipped according to the profile of the training.

Wood technology is a core discipline of the university, which is reflected in the professional and extensive equipment of the machine park. For study projects, all important machines of wood processing are available, the adjoining workroom becomes a temporary workplace for students during the semester, where prototypes on a 1:1 scale are created.

The wood workshop is an autonomous part of the entire workshop complex of the university and forms a network with the adjacent faculties for the development and production of interdisciplinary research projects.

Building G 0.05 
Workshop manager Ludwig Eder
Head of laboratory Prof. Gabriel Weber


Metal workshop

In 20th century furniture design, metal as a material for seating furniture occupies an outstanding position. The fascination of the endless tubular construction of a cantilever chair or the sculptural effect of the folded sheet metal body of a series furniture are examples of exemplary design of furniture in metal.

The workshop offers students the opportunity to learn the basic processing techniques and joining principles of metal and to apply them in their own projects. The artistic expression possibilities of the material are the focus of the specialised courses.

Together with the adjacent workshops for wood and model construction, the metal workshop works on study projects in both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

Building G 0.05
Workshop manager Georg Lippkau
Head of laboratory Prof. Gabriel Weber

Model making workshop

Building G -1.11 + -1.13                       
Workshop manager Matthias Gieraths
Head of laboratory Prof. Gabriel Weber

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