Design Research Laboratory

For every creative process, space is the true luxury: protected space dedicated exclusively to one's own doing. Where you prepare work steps in peace, exchange thoughts, ideas become projects. A place that gives you the certainty that when you enter the room you will find everything just as you left it. Where you are honest with yourself and also find your position in the team.

The Design Research Lab offers this space and was set up in 2004 exclusively for students of our faculty to realise experimental projects with external partners from industry and business. The aim and claim are to offer students and professors a place where unconventional approaches are possible, even desired, in a professional environment.

With a floor space of 120 square metres, the laboratory has the necessary dimensions to realise projects in the field of furniture and product design, mobile interiors on land, on water and in the air on a scale of 1:1.
Wall-width hall doors, studio lighting via skylights, room heights of up to five metres and the drivable hall floor provide the necessary conditions for this. The workshops for wood and metal processing are spatially connected and can be used for material procurement and component production.

The Design Research Laboratory is available to students of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes on a project-related basis.

Building G
Laboratory management Prof. Rainer Haegele

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