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  • Associate Dean
  • Budget Officer
  • Member of the Faculty Council
  • Head of the Master's programme ‘Interior Architecture and Furniture Design’
  • Chairman of the Examination Board for the Master's degree programme ‘Interior Architecture and Furniture Design’


Product design, furniture design and design theory


Design / Construction, Project work

Laboratory management

Rapid Prototyping Labor


Research projects Master's programme Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

Research projects Bachelor's degree programme Interior Architecture

Projects in the basic studies (semesters 1-4) Bachelor's degree programme Interior Architecture

Theses Bachelor's degree programme Interior Architecture



Professional career

  • 2014 – 2015
    First Chairman of Typographische Gesellschaft München from March 2014 until April 2015  
  • 2015
    Award of the Stankowski Prize to Prof. Kilian Stauss
  • 2013
    Foundation of stauss processform
  • 2008
    Foundation of the Stauss Grillmeier Partnership together with partner Josef A. Grillmeier
  • 2007
    Appointment as Professor for Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Interior Architecture, Architecture and Design, Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
  • 2003 – 2005
    Member of the Board of Deutscher Werkbund Bayern
  • 1999 – 2007
    Part-time lecturer at the ‘Akademie für Gestaltung im Handwerk’, Munich, in the subject ‘Three-dimensional Design’
  • 2000
    Rededication of the office name ‘industrials’ to ‘sp design’
  • 1996 
    Foundation of the interdisciplinary design office ‘industrials’ together with partner Antonio Pedrazzini
  • 1990 – 1996
    Freelancer in design, graphics and engineering offices


Professional education

  • 1992 – 1993
    Studium disegno industriale am Istituto Europeo di Design, Mailand
  • 1990 – 1995
    Studied industrial design at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, with Prof. Klaus Lehmann and Prof. Richard Sapper
    Graduation as diploma designer
  • 1989 – 1990
    Industrial design internship at IP Design, Hans-Joachim Krietsch, Munich
  • 1980 – 1989
    Wilhelmsgymnasium in Munich
    Graduation Abitur
  • 1976 – 1980
    Primary school in Munich
  • 1969
    Born in Munich, father Prof. Eberhard Stauss, mother Dr. Heidemarie Stauss-Minuth


  • German Garden Book Award 2019 for the book ‘Mit mir nach Arkadien’ 
    The book ‘Mit mir nach Arkadien’ (With me to Arcadia) by the author and publisher Adelheid Schönborn was awarded the German Garden Book Prize 2019 as ‘Best Book on Garden History 2019’ on Friday, 15.3.2019, in the evening at Dennenlohe Castle. stauss processform has designed this book on behalf of the author over the past year and a half. Photographer Thomas Lüttge and Prof. Kilian Stauss represented Adelheid Schönborn at the perfectly organised and very personal event at the award ceremony.

  • ‘Special Mention Furniture’ of the German Design Award 2017
    We are pleased that the furniture system developed by stauss processform for Naber GmbH in Nordhorn ‘Tower Bank‘ has been awarded a ‘Special Mention Furniture’ at the German Design Award 2017!

  • JEC-Innovation-Award 2016
    On 9 March 2016, stauss processform and its project partners Wittur Holding GmbH and Composyst GmbH received the ‘JEC Innovation Award 2016’ at the ‘JEC’, the world's leading trade fair for fibre-reinforced plastic components in Paris. After the two "Universal Design Awards" in Munich, this is now the third award for the project. ‘LACE – Light All Composite Elevator’.

  • Iconic Awards 2015
    The underground station ‘Hafencity Universität’ was awarded ‘Winner’ in the category ‘Architecture – Urban Planning’ at the ‘Iconic Awards 2015’!
    The competition for the design of the underground station in Hamburg was carried out in 2007 by Stauss Pedrazzini Partnerschaft in a project consortium with Raupach Architekten, Munich, and pfarré lightning design, Munich, and was awarded first prize. In the following realisation of the competition, design stauss grillmeier was responsible for the construction and design of the so-called ‘light containers’.

  • Universal Design Award ‘consumer favorite 2015’
    Award for the furniture system ‘Tower Bank’, developed for Naber GmbH in Nordhorn.

  • BDA Hamburg Architecture Award 2014
    The Hamburg underground station designed by Stauss & Pedrazzini Partnerschaft (later design stauss grillmeier) in collaboration with Raupach Architekten, Munich, and pfarré lighting design, Munich. ‘Hafencity Universität’ was awarded 3rd place by the BDA Hamburg (Association of German Architects) in 2014. We are delighted about this recognition.

  • Stankowski Laureate 2014
    ‘The Stankowski Foundation Prize’, first awarded in 1985, is being awarded for the 11th time this year. Just in time for 18 June, the birthday of the painter, graphic artist and photographer Anton Stankowski – who would have turned 108 this year – a worthy 2014 prize winner has been found in the designer and university lecturer Kilian Stauss. The prize consists of an initiated exhibition and an accompanying documentation and is endowed with 20,000 euros. Kilian Stauss stands out as a designer with an extraordinary range that is rarely found today. The spectrum of his work ranges from communication design to interior design, product design to interface design and finally even to 'art in public space': at least if one understands the various guidance and orientation systems he has designed in the same way as the art historian Dr. Hans Wichmann, who is known far beyond the borders of Germany, did when he described exemplarily designed industrial products as 'art that makes itself useful' and thus also argued entirely in the sense of Anton Stankowski. For he always questioned the separation of 'free' and 'applied' and commented with the succinct sentence 'whether art or design doesn't matter – it only has to be good'. The non-profit Stankowski Foundation, founded by Anton Stankowski in 1983, aims to highlight art and design as a unity and to overcome the strict classical division and separation of free and applied art and design. In keeping with the foundation's purpose, designers, artists and institutions who have worked freely and applied across borders are awarded the ‘Stankowski Foundation Prize’.

  • AZ Awards 2013 for Design Excellence
    Award for the project ‘HafenCity Universität’ in the category Commercial and Institutional Interiors.

  • IALD – Award of Excellence 2013
    Award for the project ‘HafenCity Universität’ at the 30th Annual IALD International Lighting Design Awards (IALD - International Association of Lighting Designers)

  • Schatt Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences 2013
    awards Prof. Kilian Stauß the student-elected teaching prize for his excellent teaching in the 2013 academic year.

  • 1st prize realisation competition Lohsepark underground station, Hamburg 2006
    in project consortium with Christian Raupach, architect from Munich and Gerd Pfarré, lighting designer from Munich

  • 2nd prize competition for the reorganisation of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, 2005
    in Project consortium with Landau + Kindelbacher, Munich

  • Acknowledgment ‘Renault Traffic Design Award 2002’
    Overall project ‘P+R car park guidance system’, Munich Riem

  • Austrian Ecolabel 2002
    for the office chair series ‘Success’ by the company TCC/Grammer

  • 1st prize ‘5th Nuremberg Furniture Design Contacts’, Nuremberg 1997
    Chair system ‘Detroit’ (exhibition and catalogue)

  • Recognition ‘Deslgnale’, special show at the fair ‘Heim und Handwerk’, Munich 1997  
    ‘Veloce’ transport folder (exhibition and catalogue)

  • 1st prize student competition Ollvetti trade fair stand, Stuttgart 1993 
    Exhibition stand ‘Parc Virtual’

  • 2nd prize ‘II Design degli Oggetti. XVII Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Citta di Gallarate’, Gallarate, Italien, 1993 
    Lightdesign ‘Lampada Volante’ (exhibition and catalogue)


  • NOVUM, Issue 7/2020
    Report on the change process at the international metal ceiling group Fural, Metalit, Dipling.

  • Küchenwohntrends, Issue 1/2020

  • Küchenwohntrends, Issue 1/2020
    Report on the Master's project "Schueller - Schubladen" at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

  • Inside, Issue 17/2019

  • Newsletter ‘Find Your Way’, Issue 1/2019, Moedel GmbH
    Report on the guidance and orientation system for Building X of the Faculty of Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences

  • Architektur & Wohnen, Issue 2/2019, Special Edition »Special 2019: Küche und Gastlichkeit
    Interview on the publication of the book "Die Küche zum Leben" (The Kitchen for Living)

  • Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 9.2.2018
    Article "Are you still cooking or are you already living? on the occasion of the book publication "Die Küche zum Leben" (The Kitchen for Living)

  • MCBW Magazin 2019, Design Schau!
    Report on the project ‘Individual memorial elements for the victims of the National Socialist terror regime in Munich’.

  • NOVUM, Issue 2/2019

  • Book ‘Die Küche zum Leben – Perspektiven für den Lebensraum Küche’, DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt 
    The kitchen is not a constant, because its functions and forms have to follow social, architectural, economic and technical changes. The kitchen is changing dynamically. It was time for a new book on the subject, for an assessment, for a 360° view. Where does the kitchen come from historically? How have the sociological conditions changed? Is cooking in everyday life precise planning or rather improvisation? Who does the kitchen belong to? To one, to one, or to all? Is the old eat-in kitchen the blueprint for modern flat furnishing with an open kitchen? How can you organise and arrange a kitchen? But at the same time: how do you find the right balance between a love of order and a mania for order? How does cooking become ‘green’? Prof. Kilian Stauss, together with experts such as Léa Linster, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Steffen, Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder, Dr. Claudia Banz, Andrej Kupetz, Volker Halbach, Hanni Rützler, Markus Schüller and Hansgeorg Derks, has addressed these questions in a 192-page book that is aimed at both experts and the interested layperson. The book, published by DVA (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt), Munich, was supported by the Schüller family of entrepreneurs and is available in bookshops at a price of 40.00 euros under ISBN 978-3-421-04120-3.

  • Newsletter ‘Find Your Way’, Issue 2/2018, Moedel GmbH
    Report on the projects "Memorial Elements for the Victims of the National Socialist Terror Regime" and the book ‘Finden - Führung und Orientierung im Raum’ (Finding - Guidance and Orientation in Space)

  • Küchenhandel, Issue 4/2018
    ‘Living Trend: Micro-Living’, presentation of the research projects ‘Schueller – The New Utility Room’ and ‘Haefele – Transforming Space’ conducted by Prof. Kilian Stauss and Prof. Thorsten Ober at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

  • NOVUM, Issue 9/2018

  • md lnternational magazine for furnishing advice, Issue 2/2016
    Article about the connections between my professional activities and my teaching as a professor at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Interior Design, Department of Interior Design and Furniture Design, Konradin Verlag

  • Catalogue recommended: Universal Design 2015
    The product series we designed for Naber GmbH was exhibited this year at the ‘recommended: Universal Design 2015’ in Munich. The ‘Bench Shelf’, which won the ‘Consumer Favorite’ award, the ‘Garbage Trolley’ and the ‘Modular Sink’ were very well received. We are very pleased about the documentation on the exhibition that has just been published

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, Issue Nr. 168, 24. Juli 2015
    Following the successful presentation of the "Design Manual for the Olympic Park" to the supervisory board of OMG (Olympia Park München GmbH) and the equally successful presentation to the Urban Design Commission in the large meeting room of the City Hall of the City of Munich, we are delighted with the positive article in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" about the work of the project consortium "stauss processform" and "Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH" in this project..

  • Axis – concepts on the horizon, Issue 6/2015
    Publication on the Stankowski Prize 2015 to Kilian Stauss in the Japanese design magazine ‘Axis’.

  • Art Aurea, Issue 01/2015
    Publication on the Stankowski Prize 2015 to Kilian Stauss in "Art Aurea" magazine

  • German Design Spirit – Best of Bavaria, Exhibition publication
    Publication of three projects in the communication media for the ‘German Design Spirit - Best of Bavaria’ exhibition

  • NOVUM, Issue 3/2015
    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Stiftung Pfennigparade’

  • Stern, Issue 15/2015
    Reference to the project ‘HafenCity Universität’

  • NOVUM, Issue 2/2015
    We are pleased that the award of the Stankowski Prize 2015 was recognised with a full page, and then under the heading ‘Favourites’!

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, Issue Nr. 47, 26. Februar 2015
    Article ‘Form im Raum’

  • Exhibition catalogue ‘prozesse formen’
    For the Stankowski Prize exhibitions taking place in 2015, stauss processform designed a 200-page catalogue with numerous photographs, drawings and texts, which was published by Birkhäuser, Basel, and can be ordered under the following identifiers (including as an eBook): ‘prozesse formen’, ISBN 978-3-0356-0416-0, ISBN PDF 978-3-0356-0425-2, ISBN EPUB 978-3-0356-0428-3, Publisher: Stankowski Foundation, © 2015 Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel.

  • IDP-Industrial Design Program, bayern design

  • Bauwelt, Issue 8/2014
    Publication of the project ‘Leitsystem Studentenhochhaus’

  • NOVUM, Issue 7/2014
    Kilian Stauss as the new chairman of the tgm in conversation with Herbert Lechner about perspectives, linkages of the design industry and the new programme items of the tgm in the magazine.

  • Manufactum Gardencatalogue 2014
    For many years now, the design of Hochbeet aus Wellblech is in the assortment of Manufactum.

  • LICHT, Issue 6/2013
    Publication of the project ‘HafenCity Universität’

  • Frame, Issue 9, Mar/Apr 2013
    Publication of the project ‘HafenCity Universität’

  • Architektur in Hamburg, Jahrbuch 2013
    Publication of the project ‘HafenCity Universität’
    Herausgabe der Hamburgischen Architektenkammer
    Architektur in Hamburg, Jahrbuch 2013, Junius
    ISBN 978-3-88506-036-9, 240 Seiten, 30 · 24 cm 39,90 Euro, erhältlich über

  • Baukulturführer 49, 2013
    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Studentenbungalows Olympisches Dorf München’ 
    Büro Wilhelm. Verlag, Amberg; ISBN 978-3-936721-38-6, 32 Seiten, 11,5 · 16,5 cm, 3,50 Euro, erhältlich über

  • Exhibition magazine of the Inno Design Tech Expo 2013, Hong Kong
    Booth of stauss processform »stauss processform auf der Inno Design Tech 2013 in Hongkong«

  • Trend Book: Leaders of Change, 2013
    Trend Book, Leaders of Change
    Publisher: Dutch Design Week, ISBN 978-9-49039504-9, 15 Euro, erhältlich über

  • Demokratisches Grün Olympiapark München, 2013
    jovis Verlag GmbH, ISBN 978-3-86859-230-6, 224 Seiten, 16,8 · 24 cm, 28 Euro, erhältlich über

  • Manufactum Wintercatalogue 2013
    For many years now, the design of Kerzenständer is in the assortment of Manufactum.
    ‘Iron, forged’, Entwurf: Stauss Pedrazzini Partnerschaft (1996 – 2007), erhältlich über

  • DETAIL, Bahnhöfe und Haltestellen, Issue 9/2013
    Publication of the project ‘HafenCity Universität’

  • TEC21, Station im Tunnel, Issue 26/2013
    Publication of the project ‘HafenCity Universität’

  • DOC. Magazine of the Faculty of Design, Hochschule München, N°6 Oktober 2013
    Interview with Prof. Kilian Stauss

  • Signaletik – Orientierung im Raum, Edition Detail, 2012
    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Studentenbungalows Olympisches Dorf München’
    ISBN 978-3-920034-71-3, 23 · 29,7 cm, 59 Euro

  • Baukulturführer 64 + 65, 2012
    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Studentenhochhaus Olympisches Dorf München’
    Baukulturführer 64, Büro Wilhelm Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943242-10-2, 11,5 · 16,5 cm, 3,50 Euro 

    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Alte Mensa Olympisches Dorf München’
    Baukulturführer 65, Büro Wilhelm Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943242-11-9, 11,5 · 16,5 cm, 3,50 Euro 
    Erhältlich über

  • Jahresprogramm 2012/2013 – Typographische Gesellschaft München
    Publication of the project ‘Leit- und Orientierungssystem Studentenbungalows Olympisches Dorf München’

  • design stauss grillmeier arbeiten | works, Cherbuliez Editions 2012
    design stauss grillmeier, arbeiten | works 1996 – 2012
    312 Seiten, leinengebunden, Schutzumschlag, zahlreiche farbige Abbildungen und Zeichnungen, 15 · 21 cm, ISBN 978-3-9814774-2-9, 28,00 Euro 
    Erhältlich über

  • dfm hair|style|beauty, Issue 1/2006
    Interiordesign »Friseursalon Monika Friedl«, dfm media Verlag, Neusäß

  • Clips, Issue 2/2006
    Interiordesign ‘Friseursalon Monika Friedl’, Clips Verlags GmbH, Köln

  • Friseurwelt, Issue 4/2006
    Interiordesign ‘Friseursalon Monika Friedl’, Terra Verlag GmbH, Konstanz

  • overhead, Fachmagazin für den Friseur, Ausgabe 12/2005
    Interiordesign ‘Friseursalon Monika Friedl’, I.D.-Verlag-Marketing-GmbH, Graz-Andritz

  • Designjahrbuch der Bayern Design GmbH, 2004
    Designsignale aus Bayern, Seiten 108 bis 109, AFM Verlag GmbH, Baldham

  • md International magazine for interior design advice, Issue 10/2003 
    ‘Stark in drei Kategorien’, Article about the design studio Stauss & Pedrazzini, Konradin Verlag, Leinfelden-Echterdingen 

  • Exhibition ‘Papierbehältnisse’, Galerie für angewandte Kunst, München 2002
    Presentationsystem ‘Veloce’

  • md Design Yearbook 2002
    Office chair ‘Grammer Puma’, Konradin Verlag, Lelnfelden-Echterdingen

  • md International magazine for interior design advice, Issue 10/ 2001 
    Office chair ‘Grammer Puma’, Konradin Verlag, Lelnfelden-Echterdingen

  • Office lntemational, Issue 1/2001 
    Office chair ‘Grammer Puma’ Office Verlag, Stuttgart 

  • Exhibition ‘Stühle’, Galerie für angewandte Kunst (Katalog), München, 2001
    Chair system ‘Detroit’

  • Detail, Issue 8/2000
    Office chair ‘Grammer Puma’

  • Exhibition ‘design for europe’, Competition on the occasion of the fair ‘Interieur 98’ (catalogue) Kortrijk, Belgien, 1998
    Chair system ‘Detroit’

  • md International Journal for Furnishing Advice, Issue 3/1998 
    Chair system »Detroit«, Konradin Verlag, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

  • Bayern Design, Issue 2/1997 
    Chair system ‘Detroit’, Designforum Nürnberg und VDID Bayern, Nürnberg 

  • md International Journal for Furnishing Advice, Issue 10/1997 
    Chair system ‘Detroit’, Konradin Verlag, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

  • Exhibition ‘Nachlux’, Competition of the lnt. Mobelmesse Köln, 1997  
    Luminaire series ‘Progetto Art’

  • Mensch & Büro, Issue 3/1995
    Booth ‘Parc Virtual’, Mensch & Büro Verlags GmbH, Baden-Baden

  • Exhibition ‘8. Design-Börse Stuttgart’, Veranstaltung des Design Center Stuttgart, 1995 
    Booth ‘Parc Virtual’

  • AIT Magazine for architecture. Interior architecture. Technical expansion, Ausgabe 3/1996  
    Booth ‘Parc Virtual’, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

  • Experimenta Magazine Ediclones de Diseno, publicacion periodica edltada por Experimenta S.L., Madrid, Spanien 1994
    Lightdesign ‘Lampada Volante’

  • Exhibition ‘7. Design-Börse Stuttgart’, Veranstaltung des Design Center Stuttgart (Katalog), 1994  
    Packaging system ‘Tribox’

  • Move, Transformations of Design, Special show at the fair »Ambiente«, Frankfurt 1994  
    Lightdesign ‘Lampada Volante’ (Exhibition and catalogue)

  • Exhibition ‘EIMU Office Competltion’, Mailand, ltalien, 1993 
    Table system ‘Tavola Vuota‘

  • Interni No 435, Magazine  Electa Einaudi Mondadori Editori Associati, Mailand, Italien, 1993
    Lightdesign ‘Lampada Volante’

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