Faculty of Computer Science

Specialist Fields

  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Production Logistics
  • ERP Systems
  • Process Management

Short Profile

  • Teaching the basics as well as innovative and market-oriented developments in the specialist field of Computer Science
  • Practice-based application in numerous internal projects as well as projects for companies
  • Focus areas: Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Business Information Systems
  • 13 full-time professors as well as 8 members of staff
  • Assistant lecturers from trade and industry
  • Research projects in the fields of Embedded Systems and Software Engineering as well as Production Logistics
  • Studies beyond the bounds of the specialist course profile (company founding, moderation training, etc.)

What makes us stand out

... many years of experience

Computer Science has been a degree programme offered at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences since 1986. Since then, our graduates have been in great demand. This laid the cornerstone for the Faculty of Computer Science, which was founded in 1991.
Prospective Computer Science students now have three degree programmes to choose from, each with their own different specialisations. 

... our network in practice

Both in Bachelor's degree programmes and subsequent Master's degree programmes, gaining practical experience is just as important as the relevance of the content, which is provided by close contacts and cooperation with trade and industry. 
The many successful projects, events and work experience placements are the result of this mutual give and take which benefits both sides.

... great demand for our graduates

Our graduates quickly establish connections in their professional life, often with contacts already made in the course of practical training completed during their degree programme.
The teaching content is always focused on the needs of trade and industry as well as on technological development and enables our graduates to launch their careers in the shortest space of time. Quite a number become self-employed straight away and most are very successful and have meanwhile become long-standing partners of our faculty.

... individual and open approach

Students at the Faculty of Computer Science find we have small study groups, personal contact with professors and offer an excellent advisory service.

... good infrastructure

Our laboratories are very well equipped and provide students and professors with the basis on which to develop and pass on knowledge at a high technical level. In addition to lectures, they are also suitable for group work and individual study.
The faculty's own modern study room is often used by the students and furnished with modular furniture and coordinated technical equipment.

... diverse opportunities

It is also possible to study a dual degree programme or even attend the virtual University of Bavaria. Opportunities to complete work experience abroad or a semester abroad as part of a degree programme have also proven successful.

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