Quality in teaching and studies

Our goal is to use new ideas to continuously improve and further develop the quality of the education and training we provide!

Our goal

Derived from the university’s guiding principles, our goal is to use new ideas and strategies to continuously improve and further develop the quality of the education and training we provide. We have to be imaginative and keen to experiment in order to achieve this goal.

All those involved in university life: the students, the lecturers, all the staff at our university develop ideas to improve teaching and studies. High quality teaching and studies have to be based on interaction between all those involved.

The University Management plays an active part in fulfilling this objective and assists with the development of ideas and implementation of measures to improve teaching and studies. It is also the university’s concern to regularly analyse and document the quality of teaching and studies and to draw conclusions from this as regards quality assurance and quality development. This is not only seen as an obligation (statutory provisions/accountability of universities to the public), it is first and foremost about the university meeting its own standards. The motto here is already embodied in the university’s guiding principles: Communication between ourselves and with the outside world is characterised by transparency and openness, participation and cooperation.

Projects relating to quality in teaching and studies

  • RoQ'n RoL: Rosenheimer Qualität in der Rosenheimer Lehre (Rosenheim quality in Rosenheim teaching)
  • HD MINT: Hochschuldidaktik Department für die MINT-Fächer (university didactics department for the subjects of mathematics, engineering, natural sciences and technology)
  • R'N'B: Rosenheimer Netzwerk der Beratung (Rosenheim advisory network)
  • QIS: Qualitätsmanagement & Informationssystem der Hochschule (the university’s quality management & information system)


Partnership in the field of university didactics with DiZ - Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik ( (DiZ centre for university didactics) of Bavaria’s universities of applied sciences.

Partnership with Rosenheim’s Schüler- und Studentenzentrum (centre for pupils and students) and, in particular, with university communities relating to advisory services for students and lecturers at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, among others.

Rosenheim’s Schüler- und Studentenzentrum

Other contacts

For the QIS project: M.B.A. & Eng. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Marika Weigle

Didactics Representative of the university: Prof. Dr C. Schäfle

Quality Representative of the university: Prof. Dr. H. Seidlmeier

Head of the Department of Study, Law & Quality Management: Mr T. Jelinek

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