Standards and guidelines


Rosenheim University Library offers two portals for researching standards:

for DIN standards and VDI guidelines
The Perinorm database can also be used outside the university via an activated VPN client.
Current German DIN standards and current VDI guidelines can be accessed in full text. The database includes an overview function for all other standards and guidelines.
Withdrawn standards are not shown, but can be ordered in paper form through the Library.

Students and university members may print out DIN standards solely for their own academic use.
Duplication is not permitted.
Use of the Perinorm database for commercial purposes is prohibited.
Perinorm database

Please note: You need an add-on programme installed on your computer in order to open the standards.
Add-on programme
Firefox 19 does not initially display the standards. Here you will find instructions on how to solve this problem, among other things.
Instructions and notes on Firefox 19

for VDE guidelines
Computer number TCC11306 in the Library Search Area is equipped to research VDE guidelines. The portal enables you to research and view current VDE guidelines. It is not possible to print or download them.

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