Technical equipment

can be done in A4 and A3 using our black and white copier. Each copy costs 5 cents. Payments are made via your student card.

can be done in formats up to A2 using our large format Bookeye scanner. You will need a standard USB stick to use this service, which is free of charge.

You can print content from our research computers in A4 using a black and white printer. You will need a credit of at least 1.00 € on your student card. Printing is 5 cents in black/white and 10 cents in colour

is available at all the library’s study places.

Power sockets
can be found at almost all study places.

17 PCs
with the most common operating programmes

2 self-issue machines
for borrowing books. You can use these to borrow or renew items yourself or check your library account.

Via the returns machine
in the library stairwell you can return your borrowed items within and outside of library opening hours. The machine removes the items you return from your account.

USB sticks
can be borrowed from the Information Desk.

Network cables
are also available.

Spiral binding machine
You will find the machine in our lounge. Equipment for bindings of up to 400 pages can be obtained at the Information Desk for 50 cents. If you want to bind a large amount of documents, please bring along the equipment yourself.

Pocket calculators
may be borrowed for one day at the Information Desk.

A charger for smartphones
may be found in the lounge of the Library. Smartphones can be recharged here safely. The keys for the charger are available at the Information Desk.

may be borrowed at the Information Desk.

Transcription software
for simple analysis of interviews, surveys, etc. for Windows, Mac and Linux devices may be borrowed at the Information Desk.

A Laminating device
for documents of up to A3 is available in the lounge. Foil bags may be obtained at the Information Desk.

Anything missing? Let us know what technical support we can provide you with to help you with your work in the Library. Send an e-mail to the Library
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