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Lockers are located in the library foyer and in the main stairwell of S-Building (S-Bau). Keys to lockers are issued in the library during opening hours.
Opening hours pdf

Foyer locker keys can be borrowed for a loan period of one day. This period cannot be extended and locker keys must be returned the next working day.
Alternatively, locker keys can be borrowed for a fortnight. In this case, the loan period can be extended five times and this is done by the borrower via his/her online account.
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S-Building (S-Bau) locker keys are borrowed for a four-week loan period. This loan period can be extended 6 times by four weeks – this is also done via the borrower’s online account.
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Locker keys cannot be borrowed for a whole semester.
Please check our fines list to see how much you will be fined if you do not return your locker keys on time.
Fines list

To return your locker keys either use the post box next to the book returns station or hand them in at the Information Desk.
Please do not throw the keys into the book returns station! THANK YOU!

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