Contact for sexual discrimination - Complaints Committee (Beschwerdekommission)

There is no place for sexual discrimination and violence at our university!

[Translate to English:] Kunthea Sok, Studentin Innenarchitektur
[Translate to English:] Kunthea Sok, Stud. Innenarchitektur

Unfortunately, sexual assaults, sexual discrimination and violence do not stop outside the gates of institutions like universities. This makes it even more vital that we do everything in our power to prevent this and raise awareness of the subject.

Within its area of responsibility, Rosenheim Technical University is committed to ensuring the human right to protection from sexual discrimination and violence is granted and respected. Its aim is to facilitate gender-equal, respectful, trusting and non-discriminatory interaction between all members of the TH Rosenheim.

What do I do if I am personally affected by this?

If you have experienced sexual discrimination or violence, you can contact a member of the Complaints Committee of your choice for an initial consultation. Members of the Complaints Committee are required to maintain the strictest confidence. The consultation is confidential and it may also be conducted anonymously.

During the initial consultation, you tell us about your concerns. We explain the various options available to you and inform you about lodging a complaint with the Complaints Committee. It is up to you whether you leave it at the initial consultation stage or would like to take further steps.

Contact us, we are here for you!

Important documents

Guidelines on protection against and dealing with sexual discrimination and violence:
Richtlinie zum Schutz und Umgang mit sexueller Diskriminierung und Gewalt

Rules of procedure of the Complaints Committee:
Geschäftsordnung der Beschwerdekommission

Members of the Complaints Committee

Ursula Anglhuber

1st Chairperson

Karl-Heinz Lehner

University chaplain - 2nd Chairperson

Evmarie Hulan

Wolf Schmederer

Barbara Solf-Leipold

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