Course specialisation Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Engineering

Programme structure

Programme structure

MG Advanced mathematical/scientific basic modules

A minimum of 10 credit points (ECTS) must be earned from the MG group of courses.

MG01    Advanced Engineering Mathematics (5 ECTS)
MG02    Electrodynamics (5 ECTS)
MG03    Solid State Electronics (5 ECTS)
MG04    Statistics (5 ECTS)
MG05    Fluid Mechanics (5 ECTS)

MA Application-based focus

A minimum of 10 credit points (ECTS) must be earned from the MA group of courses.

MA01    Real-Time Systems (5 ECTS)
MA02    Integrated Circuit System Design and Test (5 ECTS)
MA03    Mixed Signal Systems (5 (ECTS)
MA04    Selected Topics in Assembly Technology (5 ECTS)
MA05    Freeform-Surfaces (5 ECTS)
MA06    Automatisation of Polymer Processing Machinery (5 ECTS)
MA07    Materials from Renewable Resources (5 ECTS)
MA08    Enterprise Resource Planning for Plastics Engineering (5 ECTS)

MV Advanced modules from the field of Automation Technology

A minimum of 20 credit points (ECTS) must be earned from the MV group of courses.

MV01    Advanced Control Systems (5 ECTS)
MV05    Reliability of Mechatronic Systems (5 ECTS)
MV09    Advanced FEM (5 ECTS)
MV12    Mechancial Design (5 ECTS)
MV13    Model-Based Development (5 ECTS)

MF Specialist required elective courses

A minimum of 13 credit points (ECTS) must be earned from the MF group of courses. Offered modules are listed in the current study plan (follow the link "Ingenieurwissenschaften - ING" >> "Studienplan"). On request also courses from the MV group can be taken to fulfil the MF credits requirement of 13 credit points. However this has to be explicitly approved by the Examination Commission.

MP Master’s project & Master’s thesis

37 credit points (ECTS) must be earned from the MG group of modules.

MP01    Master's Project (12 ECTS)
MP02    Master's Thesis (25 ECTS)

A detailed description of each module can be found in the study plan (follow the link "Ingenieurwissenschaften - ING" >> "Studienplan"). General information on the Master's Degree Programme in Engineering Sciences is available here.

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