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Lernen Sie Deutsch? Spanish, English or another language? Would you like to have more speaking practice? Then apply for a language tandem partner!

Who can participate?

Students of all faculties

  •     interested in languages, international and intercultural issues
  •     Incomings, outgoings, returnees, stay-at-home students

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What exactly is a language tandem partner?

A language tandem offers the opportunity to communicate directly with a native speaker and improve one’s language proficiency. Since the whole process is reciprocal, both tandem partners will benefit.

Purpose of a language tandem  

  • improve language skills
  • develop intercultural and social competence
  • gain communicative competence with peers
  • establish social contacts with native speakers and provide an opportunity for incoming students to learn more about their new surroundings
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Certificate Intercultural Competence+

Would you like your language tandem to be a component of the certificate Intercultural Competence+ ?
To dos:

For more information concerning the certificate Intercultural Competence+ click here.

Experience report

Here you can find a field report of a French-German language tandem. This will give you an idea for the process of your own tandem or for the creation of a reflection report for the certificate Intercultural Competence+.

"In conclusion, I can say that the "Language Tandem" project has been a wonderful experience. Besides improving my language skills and getting to know our neighboring country, Switzerland, I also met a very inspiring personality.
To sum up, the two countries definitely show differences in terms of culture. Since we got along very well, we will continue to stay in touch."

full experience report

What are the essential things I should keep in mind during the language tandem?

Respect is one of the basics for a successful language tandem. Remember that your tandem partner is not a language teacher, but is also participating voluntarily. Some people may be offended when their mistakes are pointed out to them. In such situations, it can be beneficial to point them out with an understanding attitude - without being rude. Try to motivate each other. This can make your language tandem much more enjoyable. It can also help to just understand the context at first, rather than focusing primarily on mistakes. Prepare for the meetings, see them as an opportunity to practice what you have learned. A dictionary or other material can, of course, be taken to the meeting. Make sure you both benefit from it. Learning is not a one-way street.

How can I quit the language tandem?

The language tandem is a voluntary programme, i.e. you can quit it if it is no longer possible for you to continue the tandem. To do so, send us a short mail to and let us know if both of you want to end the language tandem programme or if only one of you wants to end and the other one wants to be re-matched. Don't worry, it is quite normal to end a tandem.

Last but not least...

We welcome people whose focus is on learning a language.

Therefore we are strictly against any kind of discrimination, bullying, spam, exhibitionism or obscenity. Since it is not possible for us to monitor these behaviors, we encourage you to report them directly to us. These types of behaviors are unacceptable and will result in expulsion from the language tandem.

You are solely responsible for the information you share and for your interactions with your tandem. We act only as a passive facilitator for your meetings and therefore are not liable.

If you feel uncomfortable with your partner, do not be afraid to end the tandem and let us know so we can find another partner for you.

Let’s go for a talk!

Intercultural language offer from the LEI & the Infopoint Sprachen+

Wednesday, 06.04.22 Kick-off

17:15 h main entrance university       language walk to Enchiladas

18:30 h at Enchiladas                        intercultural evening


Monday, 02.05.22

19:00 h Main Entrance University       Language Walk to the Enchiladas

19:30 h at Enchiladas                         intercultural evening


Monday, 27.06.22
19:00 h Main Entrance University       Language Walk to the Enchiladas

19:30 h at Enchiladas                         intercultural evening


Are you interested in languages and intercultural exchange? Then you are cordially invited to a joint language walk and intercultural evening. If you are looking for a language tandem or would like to offer one, you will also have the opportunity to get to know the programme, register or possibly even meet a tandem partner.

For the language walk you choose a language, e.g. German, French, Spanish, English, and get language cards and partners in the respective language. Depending on who and how many take part, there will be different numbers of language groups. Our destination is the Enchiladas in the city centre, to round off our intercultural evening in a convivial atmosphere.

The language tandem is offered by the Language Center in cooperation with the International Office of the Student Parliament and the LEI.

To contact us, it is best to write to sprachtandem* Please remove this text *

Registration language tandem

Sprachzentrum-Anmeldung Sprachtandem

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Privacy information

Your data will be collected by us, forwarded to the tandem partner during the match and stored inaccessible to third parties.

The consent to data collection, processing, storage and transfer is voluntary. You can request the deletion of your data at any time by e-mailing to

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