Intercultural Communication

Interculturally interested? At THRO there are seminars on various aspects of intercultural communication, workshops and the opportunity to obtain the Intercultural Competence+ certificate.


Intercultural communication - working in international groups in English

Mo 9:45 - 11:15 am (2th lect.), Verena Gruber

Interkulturelles Verstehen in German

Mo 3.30 - 5.00 pm (5th lect.), Ralf Siegel

Cultural Orientation & Academic Success auf Englisch

Blockseminar, Verena Gruber

Fr, 14.10.

13:45 - 18:30 h

Sa, 15.10.

9:30-15:30 h

Fr, 28.10.

13:45 - 18:30 h

Sa, 29.10.

9:30-15:30 h

Cultural orientation and intercultural competence - studying and living in Germany

Skills for academic success – time-management and self-organization

Employability training – study job and internships

schriftliche Prüfung (60 min) and intercultural excursion*

*The trip to the old village of Oberaudorf invites us to step on diverse cultural roots. We will share information about different countries and become more aware of how to overcome intercultural barriers during our intercultural excursion. The legends we discover on our way to the duke´s cave leads us to explore our cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values and norms.

Registration takes place via the AW-Wahl (Choice of General Electives) . To do so, log into your community via the intranet and go to AW-Wahl or mail your registration to your consultant at the International Office.

When: courses usually start in the second week after the start of the semester.

More info on AW and registration here.


Certificate Intercultural Competence+

Beyond that? Inform yourself about the Certificate Intercultural Competence+ here. Are you interested in further seminars/workshops/trainings on intercultural topics, e.g. presenting in an intercultural setting? Please write to Barbara Lembcke.


1. Intercultural Training for Students in English

Understanding Diversity - there is more that connects than separates us. We will talk about different perceptions of culture. As you learn to understand and appreciate cultural differences, you will improve your ability to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural context and avoid misunderstandings. There will be time to answer your questions about living and studying in Germany and German (academic) culture.

  • Topics include: cultural awareness, intercultural conflicts, the “Culture shock“, cross-cultural skills, tops and strategies, working together across cultures
  • Speaker: Verena Gruber
  • Language: English (& a little bit of German)
  • Blended Learning: Online Class + intercultural excursion

When: Block 1 and 4 of the seminar Cultural Orientation & Academic Success, see above.

Participation in one or more parts of the seminar Cultural Orientation & Academic Success as a workshop is possible - priority is given to students who register for the block seminar as a complete package. An elective certificate is issued for participation in the seminar. This is recognised as one out of three components for the Intercultural Competence+ certificate.

2. Intercultural Training for Outgoings in German

  • How does culture shape our perception, thinking and actions? Situations from campus life abroad  are discussed and strategies are developed together.
  • How do I communicate successfully with my fellow students and lecturers?
  • Exchange of experiences with other students who are planning a semester abroad.

The virtual workshop will be led by trainers from sinik, a student initiative for intercultural competence in Munich.


3. Introduction to Academic Writing in English

Writing an academic paper can be a challenging task. This interactive workshop for MA students will cover several aspects of the writing process: the structure of a research paper, elements of the introduction and conclusion, developing research questions and thesis statements. We will also explore how to compose an abstract, how to write effective paragraphs, and how to edit a paper for clarity and cohesion. Last but not least, we will take a look at the mechanics of writing – from useful transitions and sentence level organization to elements of academic style. 

When: Fri, 25th of November 2022, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm. The instructor will be available on Zoom 15 minutes before the beginning of the workshop.


4. Working successfully in India in English

The training is aimed at students who want to better understand India, the country's business sector, and the cultural aspects of teamwork and leadership. The workshop is provided by India expert Simone Rappel

  • Speaker: India Expert Prof. Simone Rappel
  • Language: English
  • Online Class. Zoomlink: tba

When: Tue, Nov 8th, 1.30 - 5.30 pm and Wed, Nov 9th, 1.30 - 5.30 pm


5. Digital China as an Economic and Labour Market in German

In this training we look at China as an economic and labour market. The focus is on the new normality in the economy and the world of work through digitalisation. The training is open to students, employees and teachers at the TH Rosenheim.

In the first part, we will get to know the Chinese economy. How has the Chinese economy developed to its current state? How is it changing through digitalisation? After discussing these questions together, the most important industries and companies from China will be presented. Afterwards, the new normal and its consequences for German-Chinese economic cooperation will be derived. China is not only important as an economic partner, but also offers junior staff a variety of career opportunities. In the second part, we first look at how Generation Z - future colleagues, partners or even competitors are educated and trained. Then we will take a closer look at the Chinese labour market and new normality in the wake of digitalisation. What opportunities do young professionals have in German-Chinese cooperation?

    Speaker: Mr. Zhenan Li (CDB Bildungsconsulting GmbH)
    Language: German
    Online Class. Zoomlink: tba

When: Mon, Oct 24th, 2.00 - 6.00 pm


Registration for all workshops via e-mail to sprachenzentrum* Please remove this text * including: name and date of training, your name, country of origin, course of study, matriculation number (or admission number) 

Walk and Talk

Intercultural language offer from the LEI & the Infopoint Languages+

Wednesday, 06.04.22 Kick-off

17:15 h        main entrance university         language walk to Enchiladas

18:30 h        at Enchiladas                          intercultural evening


Monday, 02.05.22

19:00 h        Main Entrance University        Language Walk to Enchiladas

19:30 h        at Enchiladas                          intercultural evening


Monday, 27.06.22
19:00 h         Main Entrance University       Language Walk to Enchiladas

19:30 h        at Enchiladas                          intercultural evening



Are you interested in languages and intercultural exchange? Then you are cordially invited to a joint language walk and intercultural evening. If you are looking for a language tandem or would like to offer one, you will also have the opportunity to get to know the programme, register or possibly even meet a tandem partner.


For the language walk you choose a language, e.g. German, French, Spanish, English, and get language cards and partners in the respective language. Depending on who and how many take part, there will be different numbers of language groups. Our destination is the Enchiladas in the city centre, to round off our intercultural evening in a convivial atmosphere.

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