DaF (German as a foreign language)

The language level is determined by a language certificate or placement test at the time of registration. For rough orientation: Students of the English-language degree programs usually enter with German language skills at level A2 and start with German Language and Culture 2. Successful completion of German Language and Culture 2 entitles students to participate in Technical German 1 etc.

For a successful (semester) start

Introduction to German Language and Culture (all levels)

When & Where:

What: Arrival - language practice - culture - placement counselling semester courses.

Trainers: Verena Gruber & Barbara Lembcke

No registration necessary.

You are very welcome! You can attend both sessions: If you can only make it to one session, that's fine too. This is about arriving, about language and culture, and about the placement and registration counselling for the German courses. We look forward to seeing you!


Winter Semester 22/23

DaF: German Language and Culture 1 (DaF: GLC1 / 4 SWS / interdisciplinary*)

Thr 17:15 - 18:45 h + Sa 9:00 - 12:30 h  / in person in room A2.04 / Andy Heusinger / Start: 20.10.22

DaF: German Language and Culture 2 (DaF: GLC2 / 4 SWS / interdisciplinary*)

Mo 17:15 - 18:45 h (in person in A2.04) +  Thr 17:15 - 18:45 h (online) / Nelia Edelmann, Dr. / Start: 17.10.22

DaF: Technisches Deutsch 1 (DaF: TD1 / 2 SWS / interdisciplinary*)

Mo 17:15 - 18:45 h / in person in room A2.02 / Barbara Lembcke, M.A. / Start: 17.10.22

DaF: Technisches Deutsch 2 (DaF: TD2 / 2 SWS / interdisciplinary*)

Mo 17:15 - 18:45 h / in person in room A2.03 / Silke Schiegl / Start: 17.10.22

DaF: Kommunizieren und Präsentieren (DaF: KuP / 2 SWS / interdisciplinary*)

Wed 17:15 - 18:45 h / online and in person on 02.11., 07.12. and 18.01. in room A2.04 /  Wolfgang Langsenlehner, M.A. / Start: 19.10.22

Subject to change

* appears under study programme: AW at

Registration via e-mail to sprachenzentrum* Please remove this text * including: 

  • name of the course
  • your name
  • country of origin
  • matriculation number
  • subject of study
  • your latest German language certificate

No current language certificate available? The result of an honest online assessment can also be submitted, e.g. at .

Organisational information

When Summer semester Winter semester
registration 01.02. - 20.03. 01.08. - 10.10.21
Start of Courses End of March Mid-October
End of Courses Mid-July End of January
Where online live-lessons (zoom) and face-to-face classes
For whom all German learners at TH Rosenheim*
Requirements Indication of your level. Please attach your latest German language certificate when inscribing


We recommend all international students to learn German in order to make your daily and student life easier.

For further inquiries please contact or

We are looking forward to seeing you in your German class! Stay healthy and keep well!


*Can I participate in the German courses if I am not studying at THRO?

If you are not a student of TH Rosenheim, the regulations auditing courses apply for you.

Please read them before contacting us for further inquiry. Thank you!

If your start of studies at the TH Rosenheim, exchange or your entry is postponed due to the current COVID regulations and you would like to start learning German before your arrival, this is usually possible.

Information for refugees

Welcome to TH Rosenheim. We offer a small number of German courses for our students during their studies.

If your language level is suitable and places are available, participation in our German courses is free of charge for refugees as guest students.


Send an email to sprachenzentrum* Please remove this text * including:

  •     Your name
  •     Country of origin
  •     Name of the course you would like to attend
  •     If you already have German language skills: Send along a language certificate or take an online placement test, e.g. the comprehensive placement test for DaF A1-C1 see

For further infomation for refugee students click here

Where can I find German courses in and around Rosenheim?

1. VHS Rosenheim

2. DAA Rosenheim

Offers e.g. general integration courses (BAMF) beginning from the basics (full-time) and job-related language courses with different target language levels from A2 to B2 (full-time).

3. Peters Bildungsgruppe Rosenheim

4. in Munich: Deutschkurse bei der Universität München

You would like to take a language exam for admission to studies? Find out more:

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