Language Centre

Language proficiency and good communication skills are vital not only for our academic lives but also for the workplace whether we are employed at a regional company or at an international organisation. However, language goes beyond grammar and vocabulary; it entails cultural understanding and intercultural sensitivity necessary for successful communication on the global market.

The Language Centre offers a variety of courses in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and German as a foreign language, as well as communication courses. You can take our courses as a part of your degree programme, as an elective, or on a purely voluntary basis.  

Our mission

  • We provide quality and innovative language instruction that meets the language demands of our students in their academic disciplines.
  • We offer opportunities for students to develop effective strategies for independent, life-long learning.
  • We guide our students to develop their critical thinking skills which meets the core values of our university. 



BW/GSW/IAD                                  Megan Pötzinger

INF/WIF                                           Dr. Anita Vrzina

WI/ING/WMA                                   Sarah Swalef

HTB/EGT/AWPM                             Prof. Dr. Micheál Ó Dúill

German as a foreign language     Barbara Lembcke

Other languages                            Prof. Dr. Micheál Ó Dúill



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