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Study Course Mechatronics Mechatronik - Master degree (link) Mechatronik - Bachelor degree (read here) How do you make an autopilot fly, an industrial robot run, or a CD player sing? Vehicles and their technical fittings, production plants, and industrial equipment and systems are made of complex mechanical and electronic components whose entire production process is the job of mechatronics.  
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)  
Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering Contact Whether we are talking electronic devices, precision mechanical tools, automobiles or production plants – mechanical engineering is pivotal to nearly everything we produce in our modern industrial society. Mechanical engineers produce construction drawings, develop prototypes for machines and equipment, plan, manage and optimise  
Research & Development  
Foschung und Entwicklung - neueste Technik Research and development Publications In our online publication system OPUS you can find publications of our scientists. Shaping the future through research and development With its staff, facilities and existing infrastructure, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences offers optimal conditions for practical and forward-looking research. The R&D Department is your partner, assisting  
Plastics Engineering (Bachelor)  
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Plastics Engineering Contact Whether it’s computer housing, Airbus tail units, high-precision medical engineering components or microelectronics parts – plastics have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They simplify our lives in completely different ways and are full of innovative potential. The Plastics Engineering course goes beyond the bounds of  
Services offered  
Services offered by the R&D Department We offer external partners, as well as our own scientists, the following services: 1. Support and advice on: drafting contracts and organising collaborative projects between science and industry the process of obtaining public funds, from the project application up to and including recruiting personnel administrative project management and  
Living in Rosenheim  
Ideal living in Rosenheim Munich Student Union halls of residence Fall out of bed and into your lecture – thanks to Munich Student Union this is possible for students in Rosenheim. The student service provider runs two halls of residence here with a total of 345 spaces, of which 89 apartments, 120 spaces in flat shares and 130 spaces in twin rooms. The Student Union not only offers residents  
M.Eng. Communications Technology  
Master's Programme in Communications Technology Contact Technology shapes our lives - it develops at a breath-taking pace, it poses increasingly complex challenges and offers almost unlimited career opportunities. In order to meet the great demand for skilled specialist and management staff, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences devised the application-focused Master's Degree Programme in  
Wood Technology (Bachelor´s Degree)  
Contact Faculty Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction Hochschulstraße 1 83024 Rosenheim Room S 2.18 Tel.: +49 (0)8031 805 - 2300 e-mail: Visit our faculty Academic advice Central Student Advisory Office Silke Kroneck Tel.: +49 (0)8031 805 - 2535 e-mail: Accreditation  
Enrollment Office/Studienamt Hochschule Rosenheim Hochschulstr. 1 83024 Rosenheim Phone +49 8031 805-2155, -2156,-2162 u. -2163 Mail: 15. Mai. 2018 Leaflet for applicants to change the course of studies (no freshmen) Applicants who already study at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and want to change their course of study taking into account their so far  
Wood Building and Construction (Bachelor´s Degree)  
Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Wood Building and Construction Wood is one of the oldest construction materials in the world and still enjoys great popularity thanks to its many advantages. Whether it’s for aesthetic, economic or environmentally-friendly reasons, building with wood is forward-looking and offers stable career prospects. Through its combination of construction, building  
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