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Incoming Staff  
International Guest Lecturers Planning to come to Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences for teaching (block seminar) or a cooperation? Information for Guest Lecturers Whenever the dates for your stay at TH Rosenheim are set and agreed on with your host professor in Rosenheim, please contact the International Office and send us the following  
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes  
Applicants’ portal Link to application and enrollment Applicants’ portal Link to application and enrollment Bachelor’s Degree Programmes at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (Please notice: all Bachelor´s Degree Programmes are taught in German) Business Studies Business Administration Business Administration (Campus Burghausen) Business Administration  
Wood Technology (Master´s Degree)  
Faculty Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction Hochschulstraße 1 83024 Rosenheim Link to Faculty Master´s Degree Programme Wood Technology Leadership skills/HR management, the definition of a strategy, a solid foundation in financial aspects, performance optimization in production, the most recent material technologies or production systems  
Business and Management  
Research projects Interdisciplinary cooperation Faculty of Business Administration Faculty of Computer Science  
Career opportunities Electrical Engineering and Information Technology  
Career opportunities Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Der Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V. (VDE) geht für die kommenden Jahre von einer weiter wachsenden Bedeutung der Elektro- und Informationstechnik aus. Betroffen seien davon nicht nur die klassischen Kernbranchen, sondern auch immer mehr Anwenderbranchen im industriellen und im  
Degree programme organisation  
[Translate to English:] Degree programme organisation Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor) Das Studium dauert insgesamt sieben Semester und beinhaltet dabei sechs theoretische, ein berufsnahes praktisches Studiensemester sowie ein Grundpraktikum in den vorlesungsfreien Zeiten. Die Lehrveranstaltungen der ersten beiden Semester vermitteln Grundlagen in Mathematik, Physik  
Financing studies  
BAföG (federal training assistance) Amt für Ausbildungsförderung München (Office for Educational Support in Munich) Rosenheim office General Advice Service by Munich Student Union Rosenheim office Financing studies What does studying cost? Anyone starting a degree programme needs to think about the financial aspect. How much it costs per month to be a student depends on several factors,  
Info is also availa b online le ! Study guide Info for new students “The educated man is the man who knows where to find what he does not know.” Georg Simmel, German philosopher and sociologist Index of topics Editorial 03 Information and advice 16 Checklists 04 Glossary – important terms related to studying 22 Campus info 05 All about studying 08 Published by:  
Student advice  
Student advice Where can I find information? You’ve had a look at the range of degree programmes at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences but you still have more questions? Why don’t you come to one of our events for prospective students? If you still have general questions about studying at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, our Central Student Advisory Office can help and advise  
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