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English-taught programmes  
Applicants' portal Link to application and enrollment Study in Bavaria International students can find out all about studying in Bavaria at International Film Get inspired! - Borderless opportunities for studying in Rosenheim. Flyer Incomings Flyer Incomings: Information for international students! Facebook Interested to meet with international students in  
Career opportunities  
Career opportunities for engineers in mechatronics Mechatronik-Absolventen haben sehr gute Berufschancen, da sie nicht nur für technische, sondern auch für koordinierende Aufgabenstellungen einsetzbar sind. Sie verfügen über ein umfassendes interdisziplinäres Wissen und bringen Verständnis für die Gesamtheit eines Produkts mit. Denkbare Unternehmensbereiche sind die Produktentwicklung, die  
Laboratory for Communication Systems  
Lab for Communication Systems Room:                       R 1.16 (map) Phone Laboratory:  +49 (0)8031 805 - 2774 Head:                        Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Stahl Competences Mobile Communication Systems of the  
International Cooperations  
Partner universities in Europe and worldwide Grias di, bonjour, SA-WAS-DEE – this is how students are greeted in the foyer of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. Through its cooperation with around 80 partner universities worldwide Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences supports a broad range of international programmes – from student and teaching staff exchanges via  
Course organisation  
Master's Degree Programme in Engineering Sciences The Master's degree programme has a standard course duration of 3 semesters of full-time study or a maximum of 6 semesters of part-time study. It includes a practical project as well as a master’s thesis to be completed in the final semester. Study and examination regulations Study plan  
International Office Application Form as a Visiting Lecturer at Rosenheim TUAS Funding scheme of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts 1) Information about Visiting Lecturer ☐ Mrs. ☐Mr. First Name, Surname Academic degree Nationality Home address (Street & House No., Postcode, City, Country) E-mail Home institution / Country Place of departure ☐ Home institution ☐ Other  
WLAN access for guests Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences offers WLAN access for guests. In order to create an account for guests the Computer Center needs the following information. Inviting Faculty / Institution at TH Rosenheim Faculty / Institution Academic contact person Guest / Information First Name, Surname Gender Date of birth Place of birth Home address E-mail Duration  
Career opportunities  
[Translate to English:] Career opportunities Plastics Engineering (Bachelor) As a result of the wide variety of possible uses of the material, plastics engineers enjoy numerous attractive career opportunities in very different sectors and areas of material development, plastics processing and product development.  
Master’s Degree Programmes  
Master’s Degree Programmes at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim Business Studies Management and Internationalisation of Medium-Sized Businesses (taught in German) Management and Leadership (career-integrated studies, taught in German) Technology Studies Applied Research and Development (taught in German) Engineering Sciences (taught in English)  
Furniture Development and Design  
Research projects Interdisciplinary cooperation Faculty of Interior Architecture Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction  
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