Our university’s guiding principles

Together with students, professors and staff, we have developed a set of guiding principles designed to strengthen our members’ community spirit, sense of identification with the university and readiness to take on responsibility. They are intended as a forward-looking commitment and thus an incentive for the actions of all the university’s bodies and members. They promote motivation and mutual support in teaching, research, working and learning, and, in addition, shall help in boosting the positive image of the university in the region, in the education sector as a whole, and in the eyes of industry.

Education principles

We base our teaching on science and business
We offer our students forward-looking practical training in technology studies, business studies and design studies with a focus on society and the world of work.
Our success depends on the satisfaction of our students, our graduates and the companies we work with. With our education and training you will reach your goals more quickly, more easily, more exceptionally.


Innovation drives the future, inspiring our action
Quality in teaching and research is our highest priority. Using new ideas and strategies, the quality of the education and training we provide is continuously improved and further developed. We are keen to experiment and dare to be imaginative. With creativity and risk appetite we offer an environment in which good ideas are quickly put into practice. We make use of the diversity of our degree programmes in an interdisciplinary manner.


We talk to each other
Communication between ourselves and with the outside world is characterised by transparency and openness, participation and cooperation. These are principles that all members of our university are obliged to follow. We work in partnership with members of other universities in the areas of business, administration, culture and social affairs.
The members of our university are representatives of our performance, skills and social responsibility. Our university serves regional development through its implementation of research and development, knowledge and technology transfer.

Role model

We provide top education and training through excellent management
Our University Board and faculties set clear, ambitious and inspiring goals.
We lead on the basis of trust and give our students and our staff as much scope as possible to make their own decisions. We jointly promote necessary change with determination. Our members of the executive staff act as a role model in everything they do.

A learning university

We improve through learning
We compete with the best universities. Each of us strives to learn continuously and we pass our knowledge and our experience on to others. We want to recognise new opportunities more quickly and focus our solutions, organisation and actions accordingly. We want to create a regional knowledge network in which everyone gives and takes.


Our cooperation knows no borders
We maintain international contacts and partnerships through exchanges of students, lecturers and staff, as well as through education and research projects.
This will make us the best team among our competitorstypo3/#_msocom_1. The way we think and act is shaped by a sense of responsibility for a common goal. Our work with others is characterised by trust, personal integrity, mutual respect and open communication.


We have a social responsibility
We help to improve education and training through our knowledge and solutions. We are committed to the responsible use of natural resources. Gaining a qualification based on knowledge safeguards the future of our staff and our students.

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