You want to advertise?

... your faculty and its activities?

... your university student group?

... your event?

... other activities?

There are various advertising opportunities available to you at our university.

Information boards

You can display your flyers, journals, etc. on the flyer information board outside the StuPa office (R 0.05) in Building R. To do this, simply get in touch with the Marketing Working Group.

Send enquiries to:


You can add a contribution to the weekly StuPa community newsletter. Simply send your contribution to the following address by 8pm on Fridays. Please note: no advertisements for parties will be accepted.

Send enquiries to:


University canteen

Munich Student Union will happily support you with your advertising campaign, whether it is in the form of flyers, promotional stands or advertising on university canteen monitors. For further information, see the following forms:


Display stands

As a student or university student group, you can borrow poster display stands from StuPa in return for a security deposit.

Send enquiries to: Rental service



As StuPa is also represented on Facebook, you can, of course, also advertise on this Facebook page.

Send enquiries to:


Projector in Building A

You can use the projector in Building A and set the scene for your advertising very effectively. To do this, simply use the following PowerPoint template, insert your text and images and send the completed file to the following contact person: "Frau Ranzinger"


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