Your student representation promotes students’ voices at the university and faculty level, plays an active role in structuring university life, and represents students’ economic, social and discipline-specific concerns. The Student Parliament is the core of the student representation. In addition to participating in university committees, students can exercise many other functions on a volunteer basis (in what are referred to as departments) and without being officially elected. You can find a list of these here.

The Student Parliament is the highest decision-making institution of the student body, which incorporates all students enrolled at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. The Student Parliament expresses the will of the student body and can make decisions on all issues for the student body.

The following tasks are some of the most important ones the Student Parliament performs:

  • Selecting and supervising members of the student council,
  • Establishing and monitoring the budget,
  • Deciding on procedural rules and their supplementary regulations,
  • Making decisions on financial support for student initiatives,
  • Making decisions on students’ fundamental concerns.

The Student Parliament consists of 34 members from different faculties. All students at the university elect the members of the Student Parliament in the summer semester. Students stand for election, and you vote for them in a free, fair and secret ballot. Participating in the university election gives all students the chance to have a say in their future, without having to be actively involved themselves.

The meetings held by the Student Parliament are, in principle, open to everybody, and all students have the right to speak or make proposals. However, only elected members of the Student Parliament may make decisions.

The chair, which consists of two people, leads the Student Parliament.

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