Professional Skills+

Professional Skills+

The certificate acknowledges additional achievements and can be completed by students from all degree programmes.


Certificate in Professional Skills+

The following courses must be successfully completed:

  • Three general elective subjects from the following sections:

    • Social skills
    • Foreign languages
    • Entrepreneurship
    • General studies

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  • How can I apply for a certificate?

    Once you have passed the three courses, this can be entered by the Examinations Office. To do this, you print the elective subject certificates out, have them signed by the relevant lecturers, bring them to the Examinations Office and the courses will be entered there. You then print out the statement from the Examinations Office as proof that three courses have been passed.
    You hand the following in to Prof. Dr Florian Becker’s pigeon hole:
    1.) the printout with the proof of the 3 courses,
    2.) a stamped, addressed A4 envelope with your address on it. The certificate will be sent to you by post.

  • Can a subject be recognised twice if more than one certificate is applied for?

    No, completed lectures are only recognised on one certificate.

  • What is written on the certificate?

    The certificate indicates the acquisition of additional intercultural skills. The voluntary nature of this additional achievement, as well as the completed lecture, semester abroad or tutoring activity are explicitly stated. Grades or evaluations are not given, however.

  • Do the achievements for the certificate have to be completed within a certain time frame?

    No, the achievements can be completed throughout the entire degree programme, but they must have been completed by the end of your degree at the latest in order to get the certificate.

  • Can subjects that have been completed as elective subjects (AWPM, FWPM) be recognised for the certificates?

    A maximum of one elective subject, that was already successfully completed as part of compulsory study, can be recognised for the certificate. An elective subject cannot be recognised for more than one certificate.

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