Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Education of Children and Young People

Academic qualification in educating, caring for and raising children

The education and upbringing of children and young people is a key task of our society. In the Education of Children and Young People degree programme, students learn to orientate themselves in the complex and dynamic environment of children's education and follow children's learning processes on a professional basis.

Social change and unequal conditions experienced by children as they grow up alter the challenges involved in educational work with children and young people. For this reason, the degree programme pays particular attention to developing its students' scientific skills. This is based on research findings on living conditions and development of children and young people.

Specialist fields of STEM Education and Management Skills

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences deliberately stands out from other degree programmes on early education offered in Germany by focusing on the acquisition of management knowledge and the acquisition of skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by children and young people.

Completing modules such as Basics of Business Administration, Change Management and Project Management, Quality Management, Law and Human Resources Management prepares students as effectively as possible to manage social facilities. The modules on STEM education enable them to go on a journey of discovery with children as "little researchers". They become scientific experts in developing and implementing educational STEM strategies.

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and state recognition as an educator of children (Kindheitspädagoge)*
  • Duration: 7 semesters (6 theoretical semesters and 1 practical semester)
  • Credit Points (CP): 210
  • Dual study model: the contents, scheduling and organisation of studies and training and/or studies and employment to become a state recognised educator are interlinked

Lectures are mainly held at the Campus Mühldorf a. Inn.

* subject to approval by the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Integration

Studying at Mühldorf a. Inn

Studying at home - Careers start on your doorstep. Situated between Munich and Passau, Mühldorf a. Inn is an important transport link between these two major cities. Nestled in the Inn-Salzach region, the district of Mühldorf offers a wealth of leisure activities. Thanks to its efficient infrastructure, Mühldorf is a dynamic industrial location. As a region for education, the district sets great store by its comprehensive opportunities for all age groups and training groups. A friendly atmosphere, individual support and intensive contact between students and teaching staff produce the best possible conditions for studying on campus.

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