Low Cost nearly Zero Energy Buildings

International networking of science and the construction industry to develop economic offers for nearly zero energy buildings.

Project Goal

The aim of the Low Cost nZEB project is to demonstrate that energy-efficient and climate-protection-compliant building standards can be constructed and operated cost-effectively and economically.

Project Flow

  • Definition of an energy standard for new residential construction that conforms to regional, national and international climate protection goals and is cost-effective and economically feasible.
  • Derivation of the term "affordable housing".
  • Demonstration of proven implementation concepts using the example of good and best practices.
  • Support of the funding agencies in the revision of the funding systems.
  • Consultation during planning of about 6-7 building projects for energetic-economical optimization.
  • Creation of a generally available consulting service for builders of multi-family houses.
  • Public relations work for architects, planners, developers, energy consultants, politicians and prospective builders and buyers.
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