Promoting the internationalisation of research and knowledge transfer

With the support of the DAAD project „TH Rosenheim international“, internationalization goals and measures were developed for research, development and technology transfer at TH Rosenheim. An improved international network and visibility as well as the continuous increase in EU third-party funding were identified as overarching internationalization goals. Measures to achieve these goals include, among others:

  • Support with (the initiation of) international research projects: Search for funding programs and partners as well as support with international visits, network activities and with the application process
  • Introduction of an international research week as an instrument for building and expanding international networks
  • Information events on EU funding programmes: (Virtual) events for academic staff, e.g. with the Bavarian Research Alliance and cluster platforms
  • English language contributions on research activities and achievements
  • Recognition & awards for international research achievements

Internationalization goals and measures

Supporting international mobility

By promoting international mobility, the internationalization process is to be strategically anchored and sustainably implemented at all university levels and across all groups of staff. In the area of ​​mobility promotion, we refer to the following internal and external offers:

Information for international guests

We are thrilled about visits of international guest researchers and interns! The following additional information can be helpful for planning your stay:

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