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Hochschule Rosenheim
Hochschulstraße 1
83024 Rosenheim

Tel:   +49 (0) 8031 805 - 0
Fax:  +49 (0) 8031 805 - 2105

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Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is a corporate body under public law. Its statutory representative is the President of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Professor Heinrich Köster.

Regulatory authority: Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

Please note that all the texts, images and graphics as well as their arrangement were compiled by Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences - insofar as not indicated otherwise - and are subject to protection under copyright. For this reason these elements can be neither copied, amended, nor re-used on other websites. Only the reproduction of press releases is permitted with an acknowledgement of the source. 

Please note: images, graphics, text or other files can be subject to the copyright of a third party in full or in part.

Picture credits
Photographs: F. Hammerich, O. Pausch, K. Schmidt, D. Betzold, N. Breit
Illustrators: T. Singer, G.-S. Buschbacher

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