Information for refugees

Studying in Germany

Many people fleeing war or political persecution have to deal with a longer stay in Germany and organise their future in a foreign country. Some may already have started studying in their home country, others would like to study. Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is always open to anybody interested in a degree programme and wants to show refugees the opportunities they have to achieve this goal and start studying in Germany.

General information about studying in Germany

Which contains detailed and very accurate information about refugees and studying in Germany. What's more, the website is also translated in 10 different languages.

Information about study requirements at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

The most important questions when someone is interested in taking up studies:

Information sheet on the general study requirements
(please read this through carefully)

Specific requirements for particular degree programmes can be found on the websites for the degree programmes in question.

Preparation for studying

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