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Studying in Germany

Many people fleeing war or political persecution have to deal with a longer stay in Germany and organise their future in a foreign country. Some may already have started studying in their home country, others would like to start their studies. Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (TH Rosenheim) is always open to anybody interested in a degree programme and wants to give refugees the opportunity to achieve their goal of studying in Germany.

Studying at TH Rosenheim

International programmes (taught in English)

TH Rosenheim currently offers three Bachelor's degree programmes and four Master's degree programmes with English as language of instruction.

These courses require either no or only basic German language skills (A2) and are therefore of particular interest to refugee students with little or no knowledge of German.

The following English-taught degree programmes will start in the next summer semester 2023 (15 March 2023). Application period: 01.11.2022 - 15.12.2022 / 15.01.2023

The following English-taught degree programmes will start in again in the winter semester 2023/2024 (1 October 2023). Application period: 01.04.2023 - 15.06.2023 / 15.07.2023.

You can find information on the detailed admission requirements in the respective information sheet on admission requirements.

If you already have a proficient knowledge of German (C1) you can also apply for a degree programme with German as language of instruction. You can find more information in the overview of the Bachelor's degree programmes and the Master's degree programmes.

Online Info Sessions TH Rosenheim

Join our online info sessions on TH Rosenheim's international programmes! You'll find further information at

Admission requirements for refugee students

Higher education entrance qualification

For studying at a German university students must have a higher education entrance qualification (“HZB – Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”). Check whether you meet the requirements at
DAAD database on admission requirements.

As an applicant from Ukraine you require further academic experience alongside your secondary school qualifications. In order to apply for a Bachelor’s degree programme at TH Rosenheim, you must either have studied
successfully for one year in your home country or complete a Studienkolleg with "Feststellungsprüfung" in Germany. German language skills at B2 level are required for the entrance exam at a Studienkolleg.



In order to apply to TH Rosenheim, you first have to apply to uni-assist to get your higher education entrance qualification checked. You will have to pay 75.00 EUR for the assessment of your certificate by uni-assist for your first desired study programme in an application semester. Each additional desired course of study in the same application semester costs 30.00 EUR. 

Then upload your preliminary review documentation (VPD) from uni-assist to the application portal of TH Rosenheim together with the other application documents. 

Application periods at Uni-assist:

  • 1 September for the summer semester
  • 1 March for the winter semester


Language requirements for refugee students

Basically, all required documents, including language certificates, must be uploaded to the application portal by the end of the application period. There is an exception for refugee students for English-taught degree programmes. As refugee student you can submit the German certificate until the end of the second semester. 

Refugee students also have the opportunity to take the English (B2) exam for a DAAD language certificate at TH Rosenheim's language centre. With the DAAD language certificate, you can apply for our English-taught degree programmes. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Then please register at the language centre.

Application process for refugee students

Start your application now!

You have found a suitable degree programme and want to apply? This guide will help you with your application:

  1. Apply for a VPD at uni-assist.
  2. At the same time start your application on TH Rosenheim's online application portal.
  3. Upload all the required documents to the application portal until the application deadline.
  4. Frequently check the notifications in the application portal and wait for the admission letter.
  5. Admission letter received? Then accept your admission in the application portal and start with enrolment.

Preparation for studying

German language courses

In and around Rosenheim there are several institutions that offer German language courses. You can find more information at the website of our language centre.

Open online courses

OPEN vhb courses are non-curricular, open online courses offered by Bavarian universities. The courses can be used free of charge by anyone interested. Credit points (ECTS) cannot be earned. You can enrol in ongoing courses at any time. You determine the learning pace yourself. 

In the CLASSIC vhb course programme you will find around 580 online courses in 15 subject groups. Most courses are in German, 80 of them in English. In order to participate in German-language courses, you should have sufficient knowledge of German. If you take part in the assessment, you can receive ECTS points.
Were you enrolled at a Ukrainian university in the winter semester 2021/22 or in the summer semester 2022? Then you can take the online courses free of charge.

Preparation for studying the subjects Mathematics und Physics (in German)

Further links for refugee students

For refugees from Ukraine: Study at Karazin University in Munich! 
(Karazin University)

National Academic Contact Point Ukraine - Welcome to Germany!

Assistance in the Ukraine Crisis / Допомога в українській кризі
(Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration)

Solidarität mit der Ukraine / Солідарність з Україною / Солидарность с Украиной / Solidarity with Ukraine / Szolidaritás Ukrajnáva 
(Rosenheim District Office)

Coordination Office for Ukraine / Funding and assistance offers for Ukrainian students and scientists

Hildegardis-Verein / Interest-free loans for female refugee students from Ukraine

Taras-Shevchenko-Scholarships for German language courses for prospective students from Ukraine 2022

Information about studying in Germany

This website contains detailed information about study opportunities for refugees in Germany. 

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