Regulations: Joint Summer School on Doing Business across Europe

Terms and Conditions of your Participation

The Joint Summer School Programme on Doing Business across Europe is organised and hosted by three universities: TH Rosenheim (Germany), Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and La Salle Campus Barcelona, Ramon Llull University (Spain) -  referred to as organising units. With application, registration and participation the students - referred to as participants - agree to the following regulations.

Requirements for participation

Participants need to provide a current proof of studies at the time of their application for the programme. Advanced English skills (B2 CEFR) are required to take part in the programme. Cf. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: The CEFR Levels (


Participants need to apply until 1 May 2022 by sending a complete application by e-mail. Dates and deadlines communicated on the website and advised in writing are binding. The application itself does not entitle the participant to a place on the programme.

Data processing and Communication

The applicant's data will be reviewed by the respective organising units and data will be passed on and processed by the organisers for the purpose of the application and participation. Further information regarding the acceptance or rejection of applications will be communicated through the e-mail address provided in the application form. With their application, participants agree to the privacy statements of the organising units and the terms of service of third-party online services.

Registration and Payment

Only completed applications will be further processed. After successful application, participants will receive a letter of confirmation including payment details for their choice of programme. A final registration for the programme is not completed until the payment is made. Participants need to pay within the given time frame in order to receive a place. If a participant does not pay on time, the organising units may withdraw their offer.

Fees / Pricing

Pricing is based on the chosen programme (single week option or full programme option). Participants from a home university that is an exchange partner institution of any of the organising units receive a reduced partner fee for each programme option. All participants will receive a 10 per cent discount as long as they send in an application by 1 February 2022. Please see application website for total costs.

Entering Germany and Travelling to Rosenheim / Visa Regulations / COVID-19

The organisers ask international participants to keep themselves informed about entry requirements at an early stage and on an ongoing basis. Participants are advised to check the Visa regulations by the Federal Foreign Office. If necessary, the letter of invitation may be used to apply for a visa to enter Schengen area or Germany. 

Participants are responsible for organising their travel to and from Germany and Rosenheim before and after the programme. Regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers advise adequate planning and preparation: travel cancellation insurance and reimbursable airline tickets or public transport tickets. The Federal Foreign Office keeps travellers informed about possible entry restrictions, testing and quarantine regulations in Germany

Participants inform themselves about the necessary permits and processes of transit, including applicable vaccination, testing or quarantine regulations. Participants are also responsible for valid identification documents, checking visa regulations and entry permits and sufficient financial resources for travelling and staying abroad.

Required Corona protection measures and Safety guidelines

Corona protection measures and safety guidelines
Both the university and the external programme partners are committed to protecting participants and staff from contracting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. As this is an international face-to-face format, all participants must be actively contributing to the protection measures. The regulations aim at creating a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. We ask for your cooperation and understanding as the situation is constantly evolving due to the dynamics of the pandemic. In any case, the applicable regulations for university operations will apply. These can be found here: 

Required vaccinations against the virus
At the moment (this may change with increasing numbers): No required vaccination against COVID-19 to enter buildings on campus. 

Supplementary measures such as hygiene and testing protocols, social distancing and mandatory face masks may apply on site. 

Cancellation policy / Refund policy

The organising units reserve the right to cancel the programme in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In reasonable cases, participants may also cancel their participation. A cancellation must be made by e-mail. In the case of cancellation before June 15, 2022, a refund is possible. However, a fee for administrative expenses will be charged: € 150 for the full programme or € 50 for cancelled single programme weeks. Bank transfer charges are at the expense of the participant.

Credit Validation

If accepted to the programme, credit validation and certificate will be provided based on attendance of mandatory sessions and successful examination of the programmes. For the recognition of the rewarded credits at their home university, participants will consult their academic advisor to receive credit transfer approval before applying.

Costs and Liability disclaimer

Attending the programme does not imply any insurance coverage by or compensation claims against the organising units.

Release statement

Participants transfer the rights to TH Rosenheim/Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and La Salle University Ramon Llull, for the photo/video/audio recordings of themselves made during Joint Summer School programme and grant the Universities communications department permission to use this footage in unchanged or modified form (processed by third parties) for the media and purposes specified below. They waive their rights to identification and compensation. All other rights to the images, including all copyrights and other commercial property rights which relate to the photo/video and audio material remain with the copyright owner.

The footage will be used for the universities representative purposes as well as for individual degree programmes. In this sense, the footage will be used for advertising purposes, especially in the context of virtual orientation to university studies, both in print and online (advertisements, advertorials, posters, banners, flyers, radio), on the website, for publications (brochures, community publications, newspapers, research reports, newsletters), for online courses (such as MOOC, VHB) and the universities social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube). In addition, the footage can also be shown at trade fairs or public appearances by the universities.

The consent may be revoked at any time at the University communications department. Insofar as the declaration of consent is not revoked, it remains valid indefinitely.

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